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  1. Well palyed Team Vanguard.Playing in the emerald cup and into the semi-finals.WP!!!
  2. Team Vanguard is taking on some big names this year in the first leg.With WCvanO and Blood_ZA taking on the role of Caoch and manager we see Vanguard taking off with the 2 new guys Tte_Storm and Tte_Nutt_Sakk.Have a look at the log here. Good luck boys !
  3. Good day everyone. ALG is starting of with a bang in this years national championships.With 2 teams in the premier cup,Vanguard for battlefield and Explicit for CSGO.We wish both teams best of luck and we know they have the edge with their Tte Gear!!!
  4. Howzit everyone!! ALG had their annual get together to celebrate ALG's 6th Birthday,not all could make it but for those who did it was great fun.ALG is one big happy gamer family and also in real life we are many Families that is part of ALG.Thanks to all that was there. See all of you next year for our next Birthday.!!!
  5. Hi Everyone, Team Vanguard has pushed through to the quarter finals in the Ballistix Master.Well done guys.Vanguard will take on the best in the country at the moment so lets wish them good luck.!! Cheers.
  6. Howzit everyone, Last night team Vanguard pulled of a crazy win against the no1 team in thier group securing a draw for Vanguard and xTc Forsaken on the points board.Vanguard will progress back into the Prem League wich is the no1 League in South Africa.Vanguard is almost back on form and showing that they will be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming national championships.Good luck BOYS!!Well deserved win!!! Cheers!
  7. Howzit everyone, Here is the latest interview i did for the Ballistix Masters Cup. Getting to know ALG and looking at the final 16 The final 16 is here and we had Cady give his views and predictions on the outcome of these matches. Remember that each team who wins their first bracket match makes it to the final 8 and automatically wins a minimum of R2000 for their team! PewPew Gaming already won their match and are one of the teams to claim a share of the massive prize pool. Matches to look out for this week that will be casted by Spitzkop Thursday 01 sep 20:30pm – DDC Inferno vs ENiGma Devast8 Sunday 4 September at 18h00 – Pulse Elevate vs SvG iNFamous Sunday 4 September at 20:30 – ALG Vanguard vs Tera Lit Stream link Now looking at that Sunday match and seeing ALG mentioned again, you can’t help but notice that this is a clan who has been making waves the past few years. I myself said in an recorded interview that this would be the clan to watch out for, as they are putting in a lot of work and they have really grown so much over the last year. I took some time to speak to Wimpie, the owner of ALG. When was ALG established and why start your own clan? ALG was established in October 2010 as Armor Recon(BEar), for those who can still remember. It grew as a clan from 8 guys to 3 times the size. For a while we were mucking about trying to find our feet till we started picking up some talent and also gaining some good experience. When the clan got a bit of traction we re-branded to what you see today, ALG. For me, starting my own clan, was something inspired from my army days. I always had a passion for the military and some games gave me the option not to just be a foot soldier but also drive tanks etc and i had to do it with some of my friends. They won’t let just anybody drive a tank in the army, so this is the next best thing! What kind of effort does it take running a successful clan/MGO? The short version is “don’t try this at home!†Everyone thinks that you can slap a few guys together and bang ‘super clan achieved’, it takes long hours to manage, listen, correspond and also stay on top of your game if you are part of one of the teams. Me, I have 2 full time Jobs, kids, a wife, a puppy, and 2 big puppies to take care of, so it can be tough juggling it all at the same time, I’m sure many gamers in SA have the same problems. But if you can make it work the results are so worth it. Just run the clan like you would a business, with your only goal being success and everything will be a lot easier, even with a few tough decisions along the way. How many teams do you have and how often do you train? ALG currently has four Battlefield teams, two CSGO teams, One DOTA and one LOL team and alot of guys doing the casual thing ranging from ARMA to WIldstar. The Current teams in the DGL Crunch in 3 days a week from anywhere between 4-7 hours of training, and matches. This not including the individual training everyone takes on themselves. And we definitely think Lockers doesn’t count! Having 2 teams in the final 16 bracket, and with the tournament paying a guaranteed R2000 to the top 8 teams, do you see both your teams winning their first bracket matches and securing your clan some extra cash? My prediction always kicks me in the face so i cant say anything until we hear that bell ring. We have good hopes for the two teams, and we always want our guys to do well! Getting both teams as close to the finals is a decent amount of training we can get in for rage. I know if Vanguard gains some cash, it’ll help me get my hands on a sick gaming chair. The bucket don’t work for me no more! What teams would you like to see in the Semi Finals? This will be a tight one as some teams have shown us all that no team on this level should be left ignored. I will give this one a xTc-Legion and a Pulse team Envy or Evolve in the one and this is tough maybe a SVG-iNfamous and Pew Spectrum in the other, i could be wrong as i would like one of our teams to be there but these guys are on top of their game at the moment and will always prove tough to beat. When talking about E-sports, why Battlefield? What made you decide to play this specific game? Like i said before i am a passionate military man, been there done that kind of vibe. Battlefield gave me the all round feeling of being in battle, loud explosions, running from tanks, choppers overhead, building collapsing…. It all makes for that real sense of battle. It’s nothing close to the real thing, but then the real thing doesn’t let you respawn!!! Regarding Battlefield 1 being released soon, what are your thoughts on the game and the years going forward? I have mixed feelings at the moment, I haven’t played yet (really need some fiber for faster downloads!), but I think with all the progress EA and Dice have made in working with the community to fix all the issues in BF4 gives us some hope that it’ll be a fun game to play. As for competitive, it doesn’t really look like it was a part of the thought process when they designed the game, but I may be wrong. If it proves to be a poor competitive title, then we’ll hang around for some Bad Company 3! Otherwise, Batallion 1944 is still in the works which is boasting to be a skill based game and is being designed by a bunch of ex comp players from back in the day. Yes, Battlefield 1 is the next big thing from EA but will it be the next competitive Battlefield for ALG, I don’t know. Thank you.
  8. Hi Everyone, This has been one tough season for Vanguard,but theey are hanging in there.With them going to the Final 16 for the Ballistix Masters and also onmly 2 games left in the DGL they are showing thier will power to take this home. This is what the Ballistix news has to say : Lets see if Vanguard can finish off with a good win! With these results Vanguard will take on the group leaders on the 1September to see who will top the log. Cheers.
  9. Howzit everyone, The past few weeks have been hard as the final leg of the DGL is at the half way marker, and the teams are fighting to stay on top. Team Vanguard has been leading the way for ALG with only one loss under the belt due to technical difficulty at the time of the match. It was even more frustrating as it was the only other Tte sponsored team here in SA, a rematch is definitely in order to put us firmly back at the top! Team Vanguard will be pushing for the #1 spot and doing their best to prepare for the upcoming national championship this coming October. Keep an eye on this space as the Ballistix Masters SA (previously called the Crucial Cup) has also kicked of with Team Vanguard starting their campaign with a Match vs (DL)Abberation. Here are the links to follow team Vanguard! http://www.ballistixmasters.co.za/e-sports-titles/battlefield-4/ https://www.digitalgamingleague.co.za/divisions/83 Tonight the boys from Vanguard will kick of with a Bang!! Cheers.
  10. Hey guys, Go check out the link for our National chamionships. http://www.rageexpo.co.za/nag-lan/ Cheers.
  11. Hi Everyone! Team Vanguard is starting of strong in the 4th and final leg before they go to DGC(Digital gaming League),the national championships here in South-Africa.Lets get some support as ALG is going all the way this year in taking 3 teams to this prestiges event!ALG Hooah!!
  12. Good morning All, I just want to give some feedback form our Local Competition that we had earlier in the month from the 7th till the 10th.Armor Legion Gaming had 3 teams there with Team Vanguard and Legions representing ALG in the Battlefield Competition and team Explicit representing ALG in the CSGO tournament.Our Explicit team did us proud by finishing second in their tournament with Vanguard taking 4th and Legions finished in the last 10.We had a very powerfull presence at the competition with alot of people seeing our Ttesport gear and also trying it out to see if it is that good.I am very proud of these 3 teams as they are making strides to accomplish not their own dreams but also the core goal of ALG!!Thank you Ttesport for the great gear and support for ALG!! All the ALG teams Together. WCvanO giving some tips for the Legions team before their next match. Team Vanguard standing Tall!! Vanguuard ans some other fans giving Legions some Support. Vanguard busy on day 2 to get to the Semi-Finals.Some supporters standing by. Vanguard Still grinding Away and fighting hard to stasy in the competition. Captain and vice Capt of team Legions. After a long Day Vanguard sits and relax for the big match in the Semi-Finals. Thank you TteSports for the great gear and support.
  13. Good day Gents, After a hard season in the Premier league Vanguard will be fighting its way to the top in the first division again with some highly anticapted matches on the way. Keep an eye out for our matches as some will be amazing games.We also have our own Legions team that moved into the 1st division to take on.Good luuck to both teams.
  14. Good day All. Some good news.ALG is unveiling their new brand tomorrow.This is just a sneak peak.
  15. I am Proud to announce that Vanguard has made it into the Premier division and the top 8 in South-Africa.Vanguard will be pushing and fighting hard to stay here and also to make top 5.Well done the the 5 guys in the team and may the odds forever be in your favor. https://www.digitalgamingleague.co.za/divisions/35 Thank you.
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