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  1. Ok, I got an update from the TT Facebook page. Due to an unforseen problem the case won't be out for the holidays =(.....Hope they get this bad boy out soon because there is a HUGE place in the market for it right now. It's only real competition is the over priced Case Labs products and the smaller\older 900D which doesn't really compare to the wp100.
  2. A quick google search shows absolutely nothing on this case since Summer. Is it still coming out around the holidays like has been previously mentioned? I would think if this were true you guys would want to make an announcement so people could plan accordingly. It's almost Christmas already afterall.
  3. Sounds good. I know you probably can't tell me this but I'll speculate anyways. I'm guessing these are going to be priced somewhere inbetween Case Labs overpriced stuff and your current cheaper\smaller thermaltake offerings. Maybe somewhere around $300-$400? I could be way off and I'm just thinking out loud now. Thanks for letting us know around what time these will hit the shelves. Now I can hold off on buying that 900D I was eyeing and comfortably wait for that sexy sexy WP100. I'm going to be doing a complete custom loop upgrade when WP100 arrives on my Youtube channel so you'll have some free advertisement
  4. I saw the pictures of their new line of enthusiast grade cases and fell in love! I absolutely have to get one of these. I'm currently running my custom loop in a Corsair 760T which just doesn't have enough room for what I want to do. I saw the pictures of these new cases at computex but haven't heard anything since. I know there was some controversy surrounding them and I hope that it doesn't delay release. Anyways, what's the scoop on these amazing cases? I particularly liked the WP100 with the box basement added on bottom for a big window facing radiator. I'll honestly buy this chasis on release date if it's reasonably priced. Any idea how long I'll be waiting?
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