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  1. Hello again. I had been using the mouse since last Wensday. While using the mouse on Windows, I have the feeling that the cursos makes littles jumps when trying to make some little movements (for example, following the borders of a letter, something that i did to compare this mouse with my previous one). My previous mouse was an A4Tech Laser mouse. Maybe I got used to that technology (laser). Now I am trying to adjust the DPI and the speed cursor to avoid this little jumps, but this (and the led on while the PC is off) is making me wonder if I have to undo the purchase. Could it be normal this jump when I made small movements?. (I use a gaming all black pad). I had notice this same thing when I play FPS like Counter Strike. I wanted to make a headshot to a bot, but was very difficult (I wasn't very close to the bot). Thanks in advance. Maxi
  2. Hello. Excuse my english! I bought this combo yesterday and I have a doubt: when I turned of my PC the leds from the keyboard turned off too, but the ones from the mouse remained on. That is normal? I know that the USB continue delivering power, but i don't want to have the leds on along the nights. Are there something I can do to solve this problem?. Thanks in advance. Maxi
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