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  1. Hey, that's awesome, but in looking at the pictures it is hard to tell if the Full window will fit on Either side, I want to replace the full mesh side with a full window, will this do?
  2. no worries man lol I'm a year in to my stuff so I get it lol thanks for sharing!
  3. get any more done on this? very curious to see how it turned out?
  4. what would be really cool? maybe some type of decals for cases, specific to the case, you know, something that does not look like a skatepunk sticker just thrown on, kind of like skins for laptops etc......
  5. Hello all, I have been working on a pretty cool build on my new core X9 case. I believe I have most of the interior built and put together, just fussing with some power cables and fan extensions right now, but that should be it. I'm at a point where the nuts and bolts are effectively done, so it will be a usable computer (it has taken me way too long to get here) My next task is to work on some serious modding for the case, well, for me it's serious, and will likely take a while, life gets in the way a lot. Ok, down to the question I need to paint the case (core X9, once again) just the outside. Do I need to sand and prime? and if so, how detailed should I be in the sanding, am I just scuffing so the paint will adhere, or am I going down to bare metal? would sandblasting be better? Do I use a an air gun to paint or is canned spray paint adequate? I will be looking for a matte finish but i would like it to be buttery smooth. Any pointers and thoughts would be very welcome, I'm very new to modding and so far the ride has been a lot of fun, I originally started this build in an corsair c70, and, well, it just grew to the point that it was not going to make it in there, so I donated that and bought the core X9, lol, everything fits quite well Once I'm done I will post some pics where it is allowed, so far I think it looks great!! Thanks for any help you all can give!!! Lpmagic
  6. New guy here, Lpmagic avid comp gamer, and newly involved in modding very much in love with my new core x9 case, just finishing a build in it, not the highest quality components, but they will do . I do have a twitch stream that is fairly active for my comp team. Thanks for setting up these forums, they are great, hope to be more involved in the future! lpmagic
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