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  1. Uploading 2nd Video for Bonus Points... HelloTTSyncALL with the AI Voice control feature. Good luck everyone. Gyrocopter_5.mp4
  2. I've used Panasonic Lumix GH5 Camera for Photos and video
  3. Thanks for your support everyone and best of luck to other modders.
  4. Video of mod https://youtu.be/pF2P_-xRYyg Gyrocopter02_(1).mp4
  5. 2 Special images to look like real Gyrocpoter from Dota 2.
  6. Final images of Gyrocopter Mod. I've tried to make it simple, it's 100% handmade and not used any 3D printer or special machine work. I hope you guys will like it. Special Thanks to all our sponsors.
  7. It will take time so better to start working :)
  8. Due to injury I'm not able to work on my build.
  9. As I'm Asian so Maths first before doing anything
  10. Rough idea of my theme. It is based on Dota 2 character. Guess the character :D
  11. Finally my Components are arrived and they are awesome.
  12. Pramod Natha Hambir is my real name, but many people know me as “PROMOD” in India because of my modding activity. I’m also a co-founder of Havok Nation and we are specialize in High End Custom Gaming Rigs. Gaming and Modding is not just my hobby, it’s my passion. I'm freestyle modder and High End rig maker. Modding is always great way for me to express myself. I like to believe that we are presenting ourselves on a global level with all our work and We want to create our own identity. Before starting uploading work log... Please enjoy my few previous builds. Hope you will like it.
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