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  1. sf1

    Core V71 Owner's Club

    Hi Mike, I forwarded you the RMA email with all the details. RMA T115545. Regards
  2. sf1

    Core V71 Owner's Club

    I'm a sad owner of this case. Top 200mm fan was noisy and Thermaltake sended me a new fan. All the numbers on the new fan are the same. But the wire is twice longer. Why it's longer if the model is the same? I connected it and everything was fine for 20 seconds. Then the LED of two front 200mm fans stop working. And the LED of new fan works all the time... Pressing on the LED button does nothing. Even if I disconnect the new fan, the LED controller doesn't works anymore and the LED of front fans are always off. No idea how Thermaltake will resolve this issue, even if they'll send me a new controller, this fan can destroy it again... Their support was pretty good so far, they replaced me a faulty Power controller (no LED light after 2 months of use) and this fan. Without asking to return the defective one (shipping from Canada can cost as a new item). I'm not happy. I builded a new PC and this case is the only part that give me so much troubles, even if it's not the cheapest one. Can I plug this fan to my Thermaltake Commander FT controller? Or it can damage it too? All the wire connection was verified twice. When I'll back home, I'll unplug-plug everything again and create a RMA if the issue won't be resolved. Any suggestions friends?
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