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  1. Ex-Girlfriend cuts the cable of his keyboard. Maybe due to excessive gaming and no time for her Keyboard was first brought to local electronic shop for resoldering. LEDs are working but 5 keys are not. Then the owner send this keyboard to me. Warped case, defective keys F1 F2 ~ 6 Ctrl, no packaging or box when this arrived to me yesterday. 1st attempt, 6 key is registering as J. 2nd is Winkey and Space bar are registering together. Then finally found the exact location and make the keyboard recovered from trauma. Decided not to touch the cable connection. I can say that Mechanical Keyboards are my passion. I am expecting you as well since you entered this hobby. Aside from the cable is cut, left in a repair shop, warped case, dust and greasy (usual thing to happen in UV coated keycaps) and shipped without packaging. If only he can talk, "Why have you forsaken me?". I feel his (Poseidon keyboard) pain. Photo album http://imgur.com/a/p6bfI
  2. I nominate Paul Tan from Philippines >> https://www.facebook.com/paultandesign
  3. Hi! Im planning to purchase this KB. Any issues you encountered especially chattering or switch not popping up? How about discoloration? For example on white, is it pure white?
  4. Nice height of feet. It will provide better air flow intake coming from the bottom of case.
  5. That would be 255mm on the Inner Chassis and 285mm on the Outer Chassis.
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