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    AblinK got a reaction from Rastadread in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    Huh, pretty nice gear You get from TT eSports Buddy !
    Maybe also I will make a picture and show You all how my looks ofc got only Level 10M advance, but yee
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    AblinK reacted to Tt Johnny in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    Keep up the good job and enjoy your gaming house
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    AblinK reacted to DC from life in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    Dasher is really nice for using, but i am curious of that new mousepad too  Dasher is not that big mosepad so its good if you have not so much space on the desk i think illbuy this RGB mousepad so ill tell you more about it when ill test it
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    AblinK reacted to myR Ruda3 in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    Ruda3 from myR Female warm up at Ranked Games before games at Tt eSPORTS event games.!

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    AblinK reacted to myR Ellan LOCO in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    myR Ellan LOCO, a female jungler from myR Female team, just starting to practice with brand new stuff from TTesports, after a break I play even better, thanks TTesports.
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    AblinK reacted to DC from life in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    Hello,  im midlaner for myRevenge Female team Just getting ready for another ranked game with the new hardware from TTesports. Gaming is so much easier now with a good hardware, thank you TTesports!
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    AblinK reacted to myR Mockingbird in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    Hi. It's Mockingbird, the toplaner for myR Female. Can't wait to start playing with new hardware from TTesports! I'm sure it would help me to be better and better player   Thank you so much for support! 

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    AblinK got a reaction from Niku in MyRevenge e.V. - Europe   
    I would like to say how grateful we are for the support we got from our new sponsor Tt eSPORTS.
    The hardware that the Female myR LoL team got will help them to prepare for all events and lans.
    Also I hope that we will worthily represent Tt eSports on national and international tournaments.
    With this gear we can just focus more on practice!
    For one more time, I want to thank Tt eSPORTS and I hope that we won't disappoint YOU!
    myRevenge Female LoL TEAM
    Coach- AblinK
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