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  1. Im ill and im not feeling good .. but ur awesome hardware makes me feel better Thank u
  2. Im training with ur amazing hardware for tomorrow Female Cup! I hope that our result will be better than week ago
  3. I was streaming today too! I agree with Mockingbird Viewers are coming and asking about this hardware and want to know sth about it I gave them link for our video with equipment!
  4. But pc is on U dont see this amazing Ttesport Wallpaper? .. hum oke only "T" is showing
  5. Daddy with me while we were playing DuoQ with ur amazing hardware <3! We won hihi :3
  6. My boy has started to use ur equipment too (with me :3) He is surprised positively ^^ He love playing MMORPG games so the best for him is the Volos mouse ! He said that he had never use so nice mouse as ur ^^ This mouse was too heavy for him .. but its no problem ofc! In ur mouse we can change it because of fully adjustable in built weight system :3 Thanks very much for it <3 We are so happy that we have this hardware <3 <3
  7. As same as DC from life i like play in dark ! I want to invite you to my morning' strean with camera! People always ask about this amazing headset ^^ http://www.azubu.tv/ruda3zuzai
  8. Ye this colours are very beautifull ^^ Red is my favourite colour <3 I also love green colour of keyboard TteSport (challenger Prime rgb combo) which i saw on fanpage TteSports ^^ *.*
  9. Me and my sister (Daddy) are playing duo ! This hardware is so cute ^^ All time when guests are coming to our home, they ask about this equipment because it looks very pretty and works really well. Thanks
  10. We played esl female cup and got 2nd place! Last game was so close but too much throws :< I belive that next time will be better Thanks a lot for ur amazing hardware ^^
  11. New season in league of legends = new chapter in my life We played tournament and earned 3-4th place ;p I hope that next time will be better !
  12. Christmas time is a pretty cool moment in life when you can slowdown, take a break, meet with a family <3 but.... I just can't wait when I get my gear from TteSports and just practice more and more /
  13. Yesterday i was streaming for 6 hours straight, its wonderful that using TteSports hardware time is passing so fast and pleasantly! <3
  14. ye! Gear from TT Esports is just wonderful!!! By dint of this I can be better and better at SoloQ !! ^^
  15. The new hardware is really great! Thanks to it we were able to performance even better in playoffs of myRevenge and TTesports cup and now we are qualified to semifinalls bo3 first game: second game:
  16. Ruda3 from myR Female warm up at Ranked Games before games at Tt eSPORTS event games.!
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