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  1. Weekend started and has ended with our awesome equipment! Meanwhile we played some games together with girls and some alone. ♥
  2. This month I have a little less time to play. I must study for a very important exam, but even in this case I'm not taking a break from the equipment. Writing and searching informations is fun with the keyboard. In my spare time I play with girls and we practice new tactics.
  3. A week ago, Ruda and me won a small tournament in our city. Of course, it wouldnt have been possible if we hadn't played on your hardware. ♥ In the meantime, my friend played on this items and he was delighted. A few people have asked about the parameters of the mouse and keyboard. They asked where I buy it - I had to tell about them on Tt eSPORTS and myrevenge, they were amazed
  4. At next week me and Ruda will play a tournament in one of school from my city. I had been little bit stressed, but i remembered that i have equipemnt from you and i can take it and play like i was in my home. Also i am looking forward to show them it. They will be excited and stunned !!
  5. I have tested new mouse from you for some hours! Theron Plus Smart Mouse is such a great equipment. Now it's too late, but tomorrow I am going to connect it with my mobile phone. I am looking forward to it, because I've never seen that option before. I do not know which mouse is better ( I had been using VENTUS X). Both mouses are very very very good! Thank you for support and trust ♥
  6. Yea.. it's true. Everyone ask about this headset . Also i like streaming when lights are off and it looks amazing . People asks about it many times and other girls envy us this equipment from you.
  7. I got p1 today with my new main - Thresh ♥. Playing with your equipment is a mega fun and easy.
  8. My sister and me have holidays so we are spending them on Summoners Rift together. Duo bot and we are winning every game!
  9. Waiting for new season, i try to play new champs. Hope i will get with them high division in S6.
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