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  1. I just connected my phone with this amazing Theron Plus Smart Mouse. I forgot about it! It's so much fun haha. I will make a battle with my friends - clicks per minute!
  2. Have all night to play League of legends haha. Hit diamond few days ago and now its time to get higher and higher. Love that how my hardware looks at night.
  3. I'm streaming League of legends now. You can check this azubu.tv/themockingbird Everybody here loves hardware from Ttesports
  4. We played female cup today and got 3rd place! Sad that our jungler couldn't play with us so we had to play with sub that we don't know well and she doesn't have this awesome hardware from you With Kretka it would be much better!
  5. We have small meeting with Kretka in my house. We are having fun and playing League of legends too. She took her hardware from you, so it's easy to play together!
  6. I love listen to music while playing soloq. When I want to change the song or control volume I don't need to switch back to deskop, because I use multimedia keys on this amazing keyboard from TteSPORTS. It's so much easier!
  7. Made some crazy plays last games. Double quadra and easy win! Love that hardware, this keyboard is the best I've ever had
  8. After placements I got Platinum II and Platinum IV. Hope I will reach Diamond again
  9. Chill time before new season. Even if I'm not tryharding I win my soloq easily. Taric top works haha
  10. After Christmas break it's time to play! Going to make some plays on east server today.
  11. I'm going to play some ranked games on WEST. It's time to get higher division since I have that good stuff \ /
  12. We are going to play team rankeds now. I hope we win our promo to P4. With that hardware it can't be hard
  13. Playing soloq with new hardware is not that hard now. Just got promoted to higher division on EUW and MMR is much better. I'm ready for new season!
  14. Hi. It's Mockingbird, the toplaner for myR Female. Can't wait to start playing with new hardware from TTesports! I'm sure it would help me to be better and better player Thank you so much for support!
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