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  1. These all keyboards have chattering and led lighting dead issue and which is not getting fixed. Once you buy it you will be ended up with an endless RMA loop where you will have to spend each time for shipping your product back to the seller and then wait another one month for getting the replacement. I don't know why Thermaltake is not able to fix the issue with new keyboards, all them have it, my 3 keyboards got replaced in my 1 and half year. I have other thermaltake products but none of them has faced a single issue in last two years, why only these keyboard face same issue again and again. Please don't kill the brand image because of this small issue.
  2. New software update also sucks!! but new effects are really cool also Check the images. Avast says file is dangerous. http://imgur.com/a/5f91A My X button has lost Green colour completely, now it is R G B It is not even one year old.
  3. Will be live this week!! Hopefully they stick to their words.
  4. Even I need that kind of cover for my Core V41.
  5. I want to buy this case but not sure if it is good for non modular PSU. My PSU is corsair VS 450 which has too much cables which can't be removed. In my old case I used to keep them hide by putting them all from right side of the case in harddisk section below my harddisk but this case has blocked that right side area as it has small holes instead of big, so I'm thinking that now how those cables will be managed. http://m.imgur.com/624RJWt
  6. Divaksh

    Versa N21

    Please post some pictures, I'm planning to buy that cabinet.
  7. Hopefully my X will be fixed, it's always light up in different color than others.
  8. Yeah, this is basic requirement for an RGB Keyboard but... ðŸ˜
  9. I have the Pz RGB, and was planning to get this one for my friend.
  10. That's really a great news, what was causing the issue? How to identify new version of the keyboard?
  11. Hey Josh, What's new in the new version?
  12. I have received the keyboard and first impression is impressive, led are bight, keys consistency is good and hope new controller works with it perfectly so no chatter or bounce issue occur. Only the thing I don't like about it is the software. Thermaltake should provide SDK so community can do its job. Will post review and pictures after 15 days of use.
  13. I paid for the keyboard yesterday, I have read a lot of reviews of Thermaltake Poseidon Z series keyboards many people reported about chattering issue. This keyboard is new as there are very less reviews but I hope Thermaltake must have resolved that issue before releasing this keyboard so I ordered this one,Thermaltake India Facebook page helped me to get this keyboard. but now I saw that LED issue reports here. Now bit worried about it. I have already paid to the dealer yesterday and he shipped the item. It has 5 years warranty but it costs 10% of the keyboard value to send it back to the seller. Hope for the best, I never face an issue with this keyboard.
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