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  1. I would like as a gift this Christmas to be fixed: c
  2. Well unfortunately I can not wait long. I'll save my Saphira. I do not understand how they can sell a mouse "gamer" with a maximum speed of 1.3m / s I give constructive criticism: Try products before of sell to users.
  3. There is a "guide" to fix it manually? I'm from Argentina, there are no support here?
  4. Ok, I will be attentive to new replys.. Thank you.
  5. The problem of wheel honestly do not care. What I Affect lot is the maximum speed of 1.3m/s .. I tried updating the firmware and have the same problem Please I need a solution, I can not believe how this mouse has so little low speed, I thought that having a sensor 3090 should be at least more than 2m / s (minimum) Thanks.
  6. Also my scroll having problems, malfunctioning when I move up. (Down works perfect)
  7. I do not speak of IPR, or the pointer speed .... I mean, when rapid movements are done in FPS games, mouse movement can not read well and ends tienendo rare kind of acceleration. It is difficult to explain the problem, but I think I understand what I mean and I'm not the only one with this problem. Here another user with the same problem: http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/223-tt-esports-saphira/ Thank you
  8. Hello, I bought a mouse TT Saphira, actually I bought one years ago, but only now I am using. The mouse I use it for gaming fps, specifically CS: GO. The mouse has a big problem, it has a limited maximum speed of movement. When I want to "whip" has no precise movement. The sensor is ADNS 3090 ... So Why Have a very low maximum speed? I tried to update the firmware and still the same problem. I have also read in many forums people with the same problem. I want to know if they can fix, tell me the truth, who has spent much time and apparently not there is a solution or at lea
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