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  1. And the last step for the last pictures of the rig
  2. the end of work is coming soon .. I am waiting for some components and all will be done
  3. I progress slowly and I have received some major components to continue
  4. ok so I have progressed on my build and I have designed a handle for complete the right side. this handle has to been define to guide the rubber tubing inside and permit to orient it to the bottom of the reservoir I have compared the result with the handle placed on the middle or on the down position and I think I will keep the last solution Like this, I think I will can start to paint all the parts of the weapon
  5. hello all, i have made a cover for T22 reservoir. the modele is designed to get a rifle scope when it is assembled. I haven't could upload on the 3D maker website to share it but this is the pictures of the result.
  6. So, since the last time, I have progress on the build of the rig. I have placed the thermaltake's parts around the weapon and like this, I could started to design a riflescope for make it on 3D printing I have created two parts that could be assembly on the reservoir
  7. there is a few time ago, I have started a new build about the raccoon of the gardian of the galaxy My core work is a P5 and on this way, i have studied the possibility to create a weapon on the right side in use de radiator like support. At the beginning, I have create the extremity with four square tube of steel that I have covered with a aluminium sheet. after that, I have studied how I could create a sandwich of parts that could be make a great thickness of the weapon. like I used a radiator like support, I need to design au sheet metal that I could screw after to be placed the same part on flatt view after cutting and testing in place So after that, I have increase the thickness of the covering and add some others parts to dress the weapon So now, I have to study how I can continue to add some details on this weapon in including a reservoir and transform it like a rifle scope
  8. some pics for the work in progress and a work done with airbrush for the door it is not finished but I progress slowly
  9. so this is what I have done for the moment. the covers are covered by a matte varnish and some parts are placed to make some tests with Riings and some verifications of placement
  10. For the moment, I have done these parts. may be I will back on it after in if necessary and when the others covers will be done
  11. hello all I am new on this forum and for my first work on Thermaltake casing, I will try to expose you a new project that will be defined around the Lord of Ring thematic and that will be done on a F31 Suppressor Riings RGB and with others TT components. My first work has to been define the geometric of the covers place on the background and on the bottom and create a support for the pomp with these sheets, I could create a kind of armor that will be place on the PSU area without stop the airflow After that, I could place the sheets with a small gap between all of them and until to cover the left of the casing so now I am on this situation where I have the parts place on their positions
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