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  1. Awesome, that fixed it! It also fixed the minor issue with random parts of the keyboard staying illuminated while rebooting, sleeping/waking. One quick question... How do you recall and use the stored macro commands and use the different macro groups?
  2. I downloaded, but it's the same version I currently have installed. Just to make sure though, I did a complete uninstall/reinstall, and it's still showing as firmware version 22 in the v1.1 build of the program. Thanks!
  3. Hey Josh, Thanks, I just tried resetting the keyboard before plugging it into the Mac, and while it was connected to the Mac, and unfortunately it still isn't working. I already tried with N-Key rollover turned off and with the windows key enabled (using the button on the top-right of the keyboard), but I forgot to mention those earlier. Even when holding down Fn+Esc for the reset, while it's connected to the Mac, the MR light doesn't blink like it does on a PC. It's like it's completely dead when connected to Mac, but the computer can actually see it as two keyboards - I attached a pic from IORegistryExplorer on the Mac, and my ASUS bios.
  4. So I was at my local Best Buy yesterday, and picked up a Poseidon Z RGB with blue switches. I got home, unboxed it, plugged it into my Mac, and everything worked great. There was some glitches with key rollover on while connected to the Mac, so I just left it off. Then I connected it to my PC, and downloaded Thermaltake's software. It prompted to do a firmware update to version 22, which I did, and everything seemed to be working fine. Today, I plugged it back into my Mac, and... Nothing. It doesn't illuminate, and no keypresses are registered. I went to "Change Keyboard Type" in System Preferences, and the wizard did not recognize any keypresses. I tried with several other Macs, rebooting, and still - nothing. Deleted the plist file for keyboard settings too. It works great while connected to a PC, but not at all while connected to a Mac. I re-flashed the firmware again, and it still does not work on Mac - it was working great before the firmware update (I believe it had version 11 originally though I'm not completely sure). Any suggestions? I really like the keyboard and don't want to return it, but I can't have a PC-only compatible keyboard, especially if it was working out of the box, then the firmware update took away that functionality. Thanks!
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