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  1. Any news on whether or not we will see a fix for this bug in a future firmware update?
  2. The black cloth tape draped over the sensor isn't going to have any effect on the lod.
  3. Yeah, I was finally able to test it myself. Sensor bug is still there on 1.10, no changes there.
  4. Okay, I can't really check if the lod bug is fixed yet because my Ventus R is disassembled atm. I can however check the buttons. All the previous bugs relating to the scroll wheel seem to no longer be there. Progress! I just hope the ODM that makes this mouse realizes how big of a screw up this is(they probably never will). The Ventus R's sensor liftoff bug occurs on another 3310 sensor based mouse that the ODM produces for another brand. Though it's on the brand to check if stuff actually works correctly.
  5. Yeah, firmware 1.09 only makes it so the lift-off distance slider works in the software. I downgraded to 1.07 & 1.08 and everything worked with the new software except for the lod slider. So it's just a band-aid for the issue at the moment.
  6. That's how I ended up finding the two bugs. In my opinion the button functions should be removed completely from the mouse. They cause more trouble than they are worth.
  7. Okay, installed 1.0251. Mouse was updated to firmware 1.09. LOD Slider & Angle Snapping slider are now present and functional in the software. The sensor bug is still not fixed. However, setting the LOD to the lowest setting makes the mouse somewhat useable. The bug is still present on the lowest setting though. The button function issue is still not fixed. Same problems as before, nothing changed. I also have some more bugs to add. Bug 1: Pressing mouse 1 & mouse 2 simultaneously with the scroll button will make mouse 1 right click. This will continue until mouse 2 is pressed again. Then it goes back to normal. In games pressing mouse 1 or mouse 2 separately with the scroll button simultaneously will make the button act as if it's being held down even when it's not. Pressing the m1 or m2 button again will make the bug go away. Bug 2: Pressing the backwards button and scroll button simultaneously will make the mouse "mute"/ ignore the mouse 1 and mouse 2 functions. This will continue until the backwards button is pressed again. This bug seems quite finicky, but it will occur. You guys have got a long~ way to go here.
  8. Well here's my opinion on how to fix the middle mouse button bug. Allow the user to be able to disable the button function ability from the software. Why? Because that's what's causing the bug. You can disable all the buttons from within the software. After checking them, sure enough they won't work. Untilllllll you realize the mouse itself will ignore everything you just did and the preset button functions(change dpi etc) on the mouse will still work! I'll assume this is overlooked leftover code. Maybe this mouse was offered by the manufacturer to thermaltake originally as a software-less mouse. All these functions worked until you activated a function lock on the bottom of the mouse. Once engaged, these button functions would no longer activate and interrupt normal use. However, lazy outsourcing of your peripherals has lead to the scroll button expecting to perform a preset button function from every other button when held down, with no way to disable this behavior. So that's what's causing it imo. Should be easy to fix. Still isn't fixed though. Been many months since it was reported. That's before the sensor bug that is so rare that I have seen it only once on a gaming mouse before. A mouse released well over 10 years ago. Heck, no mouse from the factory outsourced to make this mouse has had this sensor bug before. The good old "they just didn't care" fits well with this situation. Was this mouse tested before being released to the public? By like, anyone? edit:well i guess the forum layout doesn't like paragraphs. that's cool i guess
  9. Lowering the lod won't fix it. How is this still not fixed? Especially after the middle mouse button bug was reported? So~ right now to use this mouse without running into issues, you cannot lift it off the mousepad or use the middle mouse button. Sounds awesome.
  10. Will the Ventus X RGB use a newer version of the Command Center AP? If so, will the new version include a firmware fix for the Ventus R?
  11. That one is just the link for the Black FP software(it's still 1.0230). Someone else linked 1.0232 somewhere in the tt esports forums. However, 1.0232 does not have a firmware update for the Ventus R(I already checked).
  12. This issue affects all copies, all firmware versions. Honestly if a reviewer being provided free samples points it out, then it's a big problem. He even noticed the lift off control option greyed out even though it's there in the software to be used. Oh, and I forgot since I only found this after bringing it out of storage last week. Holding down the middle scroll wheel button MAKES ALL OTHER BUTTONS NOT WORK ON THE MOUSE UNTIL YOU LET GO OF THE MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON. The only reason I only learned about it until now was because I never use the middle mouse button for anything. This mouse has major issues that need to be addressed.
  13. Well at least there is some acknowledgement. I find it disconcerting that support email never so much as replied back.
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