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  1. I solved the issue somehow now the customization is working thanks for the help!
  2. I had a razor keyboard previous to this one soo maybe its a problem with the drivers? I just really want to fix this because the customization is the reason I bought this keyboard
  3. Just restarted my computer and opened the software and now its not responding at all
  4. Hey HardCore Guru, I uninstalled the current version and installed the version that you linked, and I tried it again and it just continues to load :l
  5. Hey Hardcore Guru. I just tried it and I was only allowed to choose add set on the arrow flow and ripple effect. When I clicked on fully lighted it only gives the option for effect set not add set. I changed all the keys to a different color and it stills has the same problem it just continues to load and doesn't actually change.
  6. Hey ThermalMike thanks for the response. I'm using Windows 8 as my OS, the keyboard is connected into my laptop in the usb port, as for the region I'm in Mountain Time Zone USA. As for progress, I am still able to open up the software and go to the lighting tab, however I can't change anything to the lighting. I tried to change the default red lighting to one color static lighting because that would be the most simple lighting change but it still stays loading and has not changed.
  7. I'm also from the USA if that makes any difference at all.
  8. Just bought this computer today from bestbuy and I downloaded the software that allows you to set macros and customize it and had multiple errors with it. I tried changing the lighting on the keyboard multiple times and it always just says loading and nothing happens. I'm unhappy because I bought this keyboard over a different one because I could edit the lighting on this one but as of right now I can't. I would love a response as soon as possible. Thanks.
  9. Just bought this keyboard today. Had a lot of issues with the software and I cannot change the lighting whatsoever. I tried numerous times and it just keeps loading. I love the keyboard but the main reason I bought it was for the lighting customization. Please respond as soon as possible. Note I uninstalled the keyboard driver and reinstalled and uninstalled and reinstalled the software multiple times. Again please respond as soon as possible. Thanks
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