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  1. Choosing any of the files does nothing, including the main one. Neither of the soulutions work, hopefully you can get back to me. I don't know why its not picking up the mouse because when i first bought the mouse the software worked fine. I have tried -Uninstalling the mouse and reinstalling it with and without the software installed -Cussing at it very loudly -Manually choosing the software I will add to the list if i find anything else out. Please help me resolve an issue i shouldn't have.
  2. Whats supposed to happen when it does exactly the same thing at before, the mice from this company are okay but every other aspect is useless and buggy, will not be shopping here in the future. Im still expecting a fix for this. I get the exact problem from before and nothing has changed.
  3. I am in possession of the BLACK V2 thermaltake mouse (A very good one) but i currently want to bind my mouse four and five buttons to genji meelee but i cannot do this at the moment because when i install the software for my mouse, it installs, goes into the tray (in the bottom right) and has three options, i will post a picture, this does not let me edit the mouse settings at all and i have spent hours trying to fix it and im really on the edge. Clicking any of the three options doesnt do anything except for the website one, HALP! Please reply asap, thanks.
  4. if you need more info just post here because ill try and check it as often as possible
  5. this is this third time I have typed this thanks to your godforsaken website layout (You must enter a post., YEAH I DID), but that's beside the point. I got my son a challenger prime for Christmas and now the keyboard violently squeaks whenever it's pressed. He says it is getting really annoying. if there's anything I can do to stop this happening if you could tell me it would be great. Cheers, a really frustrated customer.
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