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  1. I still need help with this. My fan controller comes in tomorrow and I still have no idea how to connect the case fans into the PSU. Is the cable I posted above the correct one?
  2. So the fan controller on the V71 has female AND male connections on either side of the molex connector. Would this cord be the right one to use to connect the fan controller to the PSU? https://gyazo.com/400cabb8b9072e9a2854cd409f556f5e-------- The Cord https://gyazo.com/72c63e03648d72a541b6542684b05e3f------- The PSU connector of the Cord https://gyazo.com/897c6f5b64758bd22306e0cdb53d81ce------- One of the four Molex connectors on the Cord
  3. I can't find the male molex to PSU cord. Did it come with the PSU?
  4. The chassis has a molex cord that comes from the fan controller and it is a female port. Where would I find the male port that I can connect to the female port and then to the PSU? I can't seem to find that at all.
  5. Well title is pretty clear. What happened was I powered on my Case eager to see its beauty in work and POP! Ears were ringing for days lol. Anyways I remove the top of the case and boom, blown capacitor, the source of the ear raping sound. I've seen multiple people have this issue and it seems pretty rare. None of my precious components have been damaged, but I'm a little skeptical about the motherboard. What should I do?
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