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Found 3 results

  1. SO Hello everyone, I am never really finished with a project, but I would like to dare saying that for the time being, I am finished with the following project. A big thank you goes out to Scan, Bit-Tech and Thermaltake, as well as all those involved in getting this first UK trophy up and running. Thank you for including me and giving me the chance to compete against those 4 top guns here. PODII, THE STRONGHOLD, yes thats the name of this case which should portray strenght and stability. lets put it this way, you could drive around with it in the boot at a 100 miles an hour and this baby wont budge ot tilt or give in to the centrifugal forces. it stands like a cliff against the tides. very sturdy steadfast and rock steady. you cannot just knock it over. I wanted it to be broad shouldered, bulgy and bulky and decided to build it more in the breadth than hight. After sliceing the case diagonally down the middle, I set the bottom half into the POD (which actually means power on demand for me) and built the whole extra caseing around it. I used certain parts of the corex31 case too for the radiator fittings, hdd holder and panels etc.. I decided pretty quickly to modify the case unconventionally and stack the two 240er radiators in the case with heads up jutting out like two bumpers with fans and air intkes in the front. by the way the whole case is of course built so that each and every par can be detached, fixed, rebuilt or simply unmounted for maintenance etc.. After recieving the Thermaltake chrome parts I decided that chrome was to be omni present every where. The card screws and display knobs are all covered with chrome parts left over from the jean buckle chrome tops which i used togatehr with the modified gardene fittings and chrome pipes for the overall deco set off. I decided to go with matt black and set it off with the shiny reddish dark crimsony type red metalic like on the maninboard and SSD. that made me tinker araound with inking up the ptherwise very poppy red TT coolant to get the same tone for the water, as can be seen in the reservoirs which are placed on both sides like gatlin guns slung low. One thiong was quite certain from the start, that I was going to make the pipes look a little more bulky and strong looking by covering them with this spring spiral tubes form teh local garden warehouse. Seeing as i dont use automation and have to make each and every part in painss taking hand work, it was as usual hard getting both side equally symetrically precise. but I like proving that its possible. Most of the red plates hide inirect leds underneath. I only took red ones and they have an effect module which can control three channels and make em blink, fade, flash and flicker to music as well as in certain preset effects too. Thanks to Thermaltake for sending me extra tubes because i really had more than usual here, i needed 3 packets of flexi tubing to get both loos curled around the case in and out and working the was i want. The rear hatch hold two fans just like the side fans too. the side fans have been mounted in a way i have never seen done before. they are not screwed in, they are just slotted in and click into place diagonally. Hence, they can be slid out and cleaned or replaced too at will by unscrewing 2 screws to take the fan covers off. The rear hatch is magnetically clicked on and has plates with leds as well as 2 hanlde grips to hold it. Up left on the perch is an HD webcam wich can be pitched and yawed to the required angle at will. I even slid in a Thermaltake HDD and USB 3.0 quickdocker into the lower left side for quickly accessing temporaray data. The Hyperbeast SSD in placed at the left of the mainboard. I made the fan holders at the side in such a way that when looking at it while standing in front of it, they look like stern eye brows frowning at you. I integrated the switch and usb and audio panel in the front and the whole front can be unscrewed to open and fix if needed. The front should look a little like a fast car front. All in all, that was just about it, Of course I could go on and on describing how I did what, but now will let some preliminary final pictures tell the tale. Just for the record, its the POD II with an own name called THE STRONGHOLD because I also made a POD 1 which can be seen here too. The first POD was a totally different design and compared to this one a real tiny one. but it had power too. This one casta shadow over it as far as size is concerned though. I hope you all like it. PODII, THE STRONGHOLD
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