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Found 1 result

  1. Project F1 Dream Well having just finished a mod that I won’t be seeing for a long while (traveling around shows and such). It was time to build another, this one I had been planning for years to do (those that know me would know this as I have been talking about it for quite a while). I had originally planned back then to do F1 themed rig based around Jenson and Lewis, but with the team mates split up I put it off for a while (and due to illness, but that’s another very long story). To cut it short I spotted Thermaltake were doing a new run of the level 10 and having been one of only two that I could find that had modded the original Level 10, II thought let us go down the Lewis Hamilton route and contacted Thermaltake and managed to secure Number 44 for the Thermaltake Level 10 Ltd edition, funny thing is all this was done before he became world champion, so him winning it means I could add a few things. This time I wanted to be a bit bolder with the build, and do something different to last time and so it begins. First off let me start off with a big thanks to the sponsors that jumped on board. Website/Facebook/YouTube Thanks to Thermaltake for stepping up and supplying me with the Thermaltake Level 10 Titanium LTD edition number 44 for this build and the PSU. Website/Facebook/Twitter Thanks to Nvidia for stepping up as a sponsor for me, hugely amazing with support thanks guys. Website/Facebook/YouTube A Big thank you goes out to MSI who are supplying the motherboard for this project. Website/Facebook/YouTube A big thank you to the Kingston team for supplying the HyperX SSD’s and Memory kit for this project Web / Facebook A big thank you to Swiftech who will be supplying the Apogee XL CPU block that I will be customizing. Web / Facebook / Youtube Massive thanks to Primochill who are supplying the hardline kit for this build which will be hardline from out to in. Website EU/Website US/Twitter Thanks to GT Omega racing for stepping up with a couple of new chairs for our mod/pc room, ties in with the whole racing theme completely. Website/Facebook/Youtube Thanks to Razer for stepping up with the complete Chroma set, Keyboard, Mouse and Headset for the build. Website/Facebook/Twitter A Big Big thankyou to OnPole for insuring I have first dibs on the 1:18 scale model I will be using in the build. Website/Facebook/Twitter Big thanks to Western Digital for supplying a 2tb WD Black HDD's for the build. Website/Facebook Also a thank you for the guys over at Bitspower for supplying me with the GPU blocks and fittings as well as pump heatsink. Website/Facebook Also a massive thank you to Leo Bodnar electronics for supplying the Sim display that not only will work with sim racing games, it will also be the CPU usage and temp indicator. Website/Facebook A massive thanks to the guys over at AIDA64 who worked with me to get Leo Bodnar displays displaying temps and CPU usage. Web / Facebook / Twitter Big thanks to gunnar optics for supplying a set of eyewear to be tied into the whole F1 theme Website/Facebook/YouTube Thanks to Dremel who seem to step up on every build and supply me with accessories and tools. Website/Facebook/YouTube Thanks to MAX Keyboard who helped out with a custom keys for the build. This is going to be one #### of a ride for me and for this case, there are some issues I need to still work out but that’s what modding is all about so let the madness begin.
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