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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, i recently purchased a Thermaltake view 31 argb tg case. The argb on the fans included works fine with its controller. However, i am unable to control the fan speed. The controller has no buttons on it. Is there a cable that im missing? Thanks in advance
  2. I just bought a 3 pack of Pure Plus 12 fans from Best Buy, and TT RGB Plus is not detecting the controller. I have seen a lot of things saying that this product doesn't work so great with Ryzen CPUs and that is indeed what I have (ryzen 5 2600). However, I tried plugging the controller into the usb ports in the rear and front I/O panels and it still went undetected. I have an Asrock B450m HDV R4.0 and I have tried both it's usb headers. The fans run fine and light up, but just the software will not work. The micro usb cable does work when connected to the motherboard since it charges my wireless headphones. I have also tried controller the software from my laptop with an Intel processor and it still does not detect the controller. Please help.
  3. Hi all! I have the TT pure plus 12 and got it all connected last night. I fired up my PC and to my dismay, there was no RGB. At all. The fans spun correctly but there was 0 lighting. So I went ahead and put my pc back together and thought I would just download the software...maybe the controller needed it before it lit up. NOPE. Now the software is telling me that the controller is not recognized. So still, no lights. This isn't my first pair of pure plus 12 as I installed some over the summer in my sons case. I know they're hooked up correctly. One thing I have seen is that Ryzen chips don't play nice with this particular set of fans. Not sure if thats causing it or not. Below are my specs: Asrock 470x/sli master - flashed recently to support chip I have Ryzen 5 3600x Gigabyte OC 5700xt TForce 16GB RAM. I can't imagine anything is wrong with the controller it self as the fans do power on. But thats about as far as they get. I've plugged them into every 9 pin usb connector on my mother board and I get nothing. I know the other USB plugs work as they are attached to the USB ports on the front of my computer. I suppose the controller COULD potentially be bad for the RGB aspect of the fans, but it seems unlikely. I've had these fans since the summer and have tested them out on my sons build when setting his up. It worked fine and they went back in the box until last night when I decided to finally hook them up. Anyone have any advice?
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question, that was asked on an older product of thermaltake(I believe it was the Riing rgb) . I saw, that the Thermaltake Riing Plus RGB TT premium fans come in a pack of 3 fans most of the time and a controller box, where you can put 3 fans on it. In my new pc I would like to put 6 of them in the case (3 for watercooling) and also the pump Pacific PR22-D5 Plus. Now to my question. If I put 3 controllers boxes in my pc, are they all 3 synchronized or do I have to buy extra cables to put all 7 in one controller box, if so which cable is it? thanks in advance for all tips and answers.
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