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Found 4 results

  1. I bought a Level 20 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad and I am trying to download the RGB Plus software but I am unable download the software due the following issue(Attached a screenshot of issue) Can Anyone help me to download the software? Thank you.
  2. Although my Level 20 RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad does light up when connected to my motherboard's I/O USB port, I am unable to control the lighting via TT iTake Engine. The TT iTake Engine is unable to detect it. Please see the attached screenshots of the issue.
  3. DASHER New Edition – Gaming Mouse Pads – the new 3 sizes (DASHER MINI SLIM, DASHER MEDIUM and DASHER EXTENDED) of our smooth surfaced DASHER mouse pads give gamers an enhanced design for your mouse and different sizes to accommodate both low sensitivity and high sensitivity players! More info: http://bit.ly/1Rr1kXM Buy Now Mini Slim: http://bit.ly/1YTTwhN Medium: http://bit.ly/1UhLaPB Extended: http://bit.ly/1Pz12fz
  4. So just got my new laptop a couple days ago and the thing is amazing. it's an MSI GS60 Ghost Pro laptop and it cost me a #### of a lot of money to get which in my opinion was worth it. Now, for my desktop I use a corsair m65, it's a great mouse and I've had no issues with it, one of the best mouse I've ever used to far. problem is, the thing is heavy and cleary suited towards desktop use, I mean the thing is made of metal, plus it's just a pain to unplug from my computer because i keep everything in the back which is not really easily accessable. I want something pretty cheap too, maybe 35 bucks and under, I don't want to spend another 60 bucks on a mouse that I may lose as I'll be taking it places with me. it doesn't have to light up but that would be cool, and I have pretty large hands, so please take that into consideration. also, I need a mousepad, any kind will do, just something I can roll up and take with me, nothing like the beast of a mousepad I have now (corsair mm600) any replies are much appreciated and very welcomed, thank you very much.
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