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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, does anyone have any good headphones to listen to music while playing games? so I can listen to suonerie gratis. listen to good music. Thank you everyone
  2. i have several products whit rgb, like ek waterblocks for gpu and cpu, my mobo the maximus ix formula, my thermaltake dr22 d5+ pump res combo, my thermalke + rgb fans, and mu rgb fittings from thermaltake, i have made a nice pc but dont find the thermaltake tt rgb plus software to be that responsive when syncing whit music, video and games, when comparing it to my ek waterblocks that are conected and sync'd to my motherbeard, thats the aura software, its all working but when you see the reactiontime of the aura software to the music and you see the reactiontime from thermaltake products, you see it to clear that the movement of the thermaltake rgb is not as scharp, sometimes even seems random insteat of syncingh whit music video or gaming, i would like to see my fans do more movement of just reaction on the base of the music insteat of just at the loudest moments, same whit the rgb fitting. i see whit the shooting start and the twinkle most possibilitys but i wanne see it light up whit the base and not whit random moments when music just is playing louder https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.kassel/videos/10219928485353183/ this is the most i could do, i have plenty video's where i try differert lighting effects but for syncing whit the music it all seems more random. i would like to see it inprove allot just buy adding some more sharper lighting effects from the rgb like strobing on the base of the music for rgb fittings and fans even the pump annywanne got anny bether ideas/ results using there products, for lething it pop some more whit the base of the music a good software update could eassely fix my problem i believe, so plz help me out thermaltake, i love your produts, the use of your software, so hope you guy's are hearing me
  3. In this article, you are going to make a great music downloading process without any issues using one of the Android familiar applications. Deezloader Apk is the process that you can perform amazing results on your smart device right now. this will give the best music downloading to enhance the music experience in a better manner. I hope you will use this complete article to improve your information all about Deezloader Apk. What is Deezloader? Android-based application Deezloader will help you to continue the entertainment process on your device without any troubles. You can get an unbelievable experience to the Android smart device for the community including stunning features. in other words, you can use this application for the smart device as a supportive application easily. Due you can use this application for your device to get higher entertaining. More about Deezloader Apk Right now Deezloader has been trending application for all Android smart devices used to enhance the music downloading. You can get a lot of music files, albums for your Android smart device to continue the experience easily. This process will give an easy music listening process for the community to get an enjoyable performance. If you are new to use this application, you can get amazing music downloading to the device right now. Special features of Deezloader Apk You can get unlimited music files, albums to your smart device with high quality. You can download different music files to the smart device at the same time. Use the application as a completely free service to the Android device in a better manner. You can continue the music downloading with a simple and friendly interface. You can listen to music with offline for user convenience Why you need Deezloader latest version? Each version released by the device developer to fix all bugs, and improves to add to the music downloading. If you are looking for the latest version for your Android device music downloading you can continue this process right now. you have to use the updated version for your device to make a successful process on your device easily. Undoubtedly you can make powerful music results to the device smoothly. How to download Deezloader Apk? Initially, you can continue the downloading process without using any third party or rooting application. Because you can start a great downloading process on your device easily with saving your time. You will get amazing music downloading to enhance the music downloading experience easily. You can make a simple interface with music downloading via the Deezloader official link. Finally, this downloading process helps you to enrich the music downloading and listening easily. You can continue the smart device process in a better manner to make superb music downloading without any issues. therefore you can try this guide all about Deezloader Apk for your convenience. hope you will follow this guide to improve the information about music downloading.
  4. Hello TT Community, I am using TT Challenger keyboard, TT Theron mouse, Thermaltake Chassis. And I am really satisfied with all of them. But I have a question. I saw that it is possible to use keyboard as some kind of audio visualizer, is it possible with Challenger Ultimate? If so how? Thanks in advance, and hope you guys have a nice day.
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