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  1. i have several products whit rgb, like ek waterblocks for gpu and cpu, my mobo the maximus ix formula, my thermaltake dr22 d5+ pump res combo, my thermalke + rgb fans, and mu rgb fittings from thermaltake, i have made a nice pc but dont find the thermaltake tt rgb plus software to be that responsive when syncing whit music, video and games, when comparing it to my ek waterblocks that are conected and sync'd to my motherbeard, thats the aura software, its all working but when you see the reactiontime of the aura software to the music and you see the reactiontime from thermaltake products, you see it to clear that the movement of the thermaltake rgb is not as scharp, sometimes even seems random insteat of syncingh whit music video or gaming, i would like to see my fans do more movement of just reaction on the base of the music insteat of just at the loudest moments, same whit the rgb fitting. i see whit the shooting start and the twinkle most possibilitys but i wanne see it light up whit the base and not whit random moments when music just is playing louder https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.kassel/videos/10219928485353183/ this is the most i could do, i have plenty video's where i try differert lighting effects but for syncing whit the music it all seems more random. i would like to see it inprove allot just buy adding some more sharper lighting effects from the rgb like strobing on the base of the music for rgb fittings and fans even the pump annywanne got anny bether ideas/ results using there products, for lething it pop some more whit the base of the music a good software update could eassely fix my problem i believe, so plz help me out thermaltake, i love your produts, the use of your software, so hope you guy's are hearing me
  2. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=thermaltake+tt+sync+controller+how+to+connect&&view=detail&mid=3465F291F2AD3EE8C78A3465F291F2AD3EE8C78A&rvsmid=C5381CD24E92E6816C88C5381CD24E92E6816C88&FORM=VDQVAP in this video they do not connect anny pwm cabels all power comes of the sata power connection
  3. is something like this possibel whit rgb products like for example rgb fittings in a case? making then stobe on the base of the music?
  4. are u using a audiojacket? i'm having same issues whit my software when using audiojacked from my soundbar, then i recieve the next notification audio source output could not be received, but when i switch to my logitech G933 the notification dissapears becose its only usb connection
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