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Found 11 results

  1. I finished building my new PC, it's not 100% setup yet, meaning I don't have windows installed just yet. The hardware i have are as followed: MB - Asus Prime Z390-A CPU - Intel Core i7 9700k 9th Gen CPU Cooler - Thermaltake Floe DX 240 Dual Riing Duo RAM - (x2) 16gb TridentZ RGB DDR4 SSD - WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB GPU - Asus GeForce RTX 2070 Super PS - Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850W 80+ Case - Thermaltake View 31 (RGB limited edition) with 3 pre-installed RGB fans with controller. My issue so far is as soon as I turn on the computer, everything turns on except the fans on the liquid CPU cooler. I plugged the wire coming directly from the pump into the header labeled "AIO Pump" and nothing is plugged into the "CPU OPT" or "CPU FAN" headers, and when I boot up the PC, it gives a "No CPU fan detected" error, but the pump is running. So i removed the pump plug and moved it to the "CPU OPT" header, same error shows. Then I plug it into the "CPU FAN" header, and the error goes away, and I can still feel the pump running. But the Fans are still not spinning. So I plugged the wires directly from the fans into different ports on the controller and still all the RGB lighting turns on but the fans do not spin. I tried looking up videos and forums online, but i could not find anyone with the same issue as mine. Correct me if im wrong, but I'm pretty sure the fans are supposed to turn on as soon as you turn the computer on regardless if I dont have windows and the Thermaltake software installed yet. Anyone have any more troubleshooting ideas i could try? Or does it sound like the fans or the controller are defective?
  2. I have had my first 3-pack of Riing Quad fans for over a year and I love them. Decided to get a 2nd pack, connected 2 fans to the remaining 2 slots (Previously 3 connected, now 5 total) on my first controller, and then connected the daisy chain correctly and connected the 6th fan to the 2nd controller. All fans run and work, however any TT RGB PLUS software only detects controller 2 (which is only connected via daisy chain) with the 6th fan. Fans 1-5 are no where to be seen. As for the DIP Switch, I have followed the manual which says to set Controller #1 to 0 (1 2 3 4 all DOWN) and Controller #2 to 1 (1 UP, 2 3 4 DOWN) Whats the issue here?
  3. I've had this mouse for a fair while, it's the best mouse I've ever had, and I've always had the side buttons set to volume up/down and one of the middle buttons as pause/play. Recently these bindings stopped working for seemingly no reason. I haven't made any significant hardware changes and I regularly update windows. I have also updated Tt eSPORTS Command Center and completely reinstalled it since the problem began, with no effect. I've checked and the buttons work for other things, such as macros and other mouse functions. Has anyone experienced something similar or have any suggestions on how to fix it?
  4. After finally installing a new firmware update for my 3 year old Theron, after the update, all buttons except the profile, Mouse Button 1 and 2 and the scroll wheel stopped working. The DPI up and down, all side buttons stopped working. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, i have tried in different PC's and USB's slots, restarting the PC doesn't work. There is no response, even in the profile manager and now the driver is called HID-Compliant Mouse and not Ttesports Theron. I'm not sure what to do and I do not want to buy a new mouse as other than that it works fine. If you would like any additional information, ask in the comments. Thanks Liquidity
  5. Hi everyone, I want to ask for help in this forum because my challenger prime rgb keyboard stopped working after trying to update the firmware to version 2.0. Now when I connect it does not turn on and in the Windows 10 Device Manager I get error code 43 (Error in a USB device descriptor request) so it does not work anymore and I would like to know how to fix it and install the software again but it does not recognize it and it is totally off. Excuse my English level ... I'm from Argentina.
  6. Hello. I have had my new pc for about 3 weeks with no troubles. last week the mouse started cutting out. are there drivers i can install for this mouse? something? thankyou for any help you can provide:)
  7. Hi, I just got my Poseidon Z RGB in the mail and have been customizing it for about an hour when it suddenly shut off and isn't turning on, lights and all! Please Help.
  8. i purchased my mouse in 2 february 2015 but now it starts disconnecting everytime i move the mouse so please help me how to claim warranty. i attached my bill theronmouseinvoice.pdf
  9. Hey everyone, I recently brought a V71 Case and the three 200mm fans aren't working and also the Fan Speed & LED buttons on top of the case don't work. Everything seems to be connected properly so I am not to sure it may be faulty? Any suggestions? Thanks. Karsten
  10. Hi guys wondering if you can help me out here. I installed a couple RGB Riing fans in my case, but they are behaving strangely. I'll try to explain the main things the best I can with bullet points: When I turn my PC on, the fans will spin. One fan is plugged into the controller where the white dot is. When I first turn my PC on, both fans will light up for a second, but: The lights will turn off again (fans keep spinning though), or: One fan will stay lit, while the other still spins, but has no lighting. "low RPM mode" (or whatever the official name for that is), just turns the fans completely off, they don't seem to go to a lower RPM at all. I could be mistaking it though, but the blue light on the controller is 'normal' mode, and when you push the speed button the light should turn red and the fans should slow to a lower RPM? Happy to provide any other information as needed! Thanks.
  11. i did every thing to set macro but its not working i changed to game mod and its not working either ,, how to set macro keys in game ? i wanna that T1 will buff me with all my buffs ,, i did record pressed 12345678 and then pot record and named macro select by name T1... and it still not working W The F >>>??? how to set macro keys #### dammit ,,, and enother question .. how can i set that colors will be changed outomaticly ,????
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