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Found 2 results

  1. I got 7 Riing quads connected to 2 controllers that came with the 3 packs. Im using the latest rgbplus and today only controller 2 was detected, then i rebooted and controller 1 was detected but not nr 2. Then i tryed to delete the TT folder Hidden in the windows roaming folder. After a rebbot both controllers was detected again. Now i have both controlers connected to each ther own power molex cable rail to the psu. What is wrong with this software or controller ???? I have tryed to change the controllers several times and atm in waiting for the 4th RMA controller. But it seems random of controller 1 or 2 is detected...It just worked for 7 days until now. It seems random if it works 3 days or 10 days..its like russian roulette ! Is there any supporters in here to help me ? Maybe they need to work on RGB plus ?! Last time iposted her ei spoke with a supporter from TT that helped me update rgbplus using my bug logs. Is he here still to help ? I think RGB plus need rework.
  2. When i look in RGBplus and compare all the other RGB tools from the other brands like corsair and so. Then i only see some boring effects for the RGB in RGB plus. I know there is neon maker but it dosent work with the newest RGBplus So why cant we have some cool effects rather than these boring effects that dosent do anything cool at all.. Riing quads looks realy great with ther leds but deserves better programming for RGB ! Is it possible we can have these efefcts in rgbplus one day ?
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