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Found 3 results

  1. I do have the problem that the RGB Controller that runs 3 Toughfan 12 RGB and a DP100-D5 Distroplate looses connection to the RGB Plus Software. So when I turn on the computer the MX2 Waterblock, R2 Monitor and 4x Toughram DDR5 start using the color profile that I defined while the toughfans and the Distroplate go on in RGB waves as they do when I turn on the computer. I have changed the USB slots of the motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix Z790E) as well as the USB-C connector of the cables to see if it is an USB issue. My questions are: - can I preset the components controlled by the motherboard (MX2, R2, 4x Toughram DDR5) and the ones controlled by the RGB controller (3x Toughfan 12 RGB, DP100-D5 Distroplate) so that the RGB is shut off when I start the computer and then only start coloring when RGB Plus Software kicks in? - how can I make sure that the RGB Controller does not loose connection to the RGB Plus software once in a while? - how can I make sure that the MX2 and R2 are shut off when the computer has shut down? Currently they are still showing liquid temperature even though the other RGB components are down? - is there a better way to synch the motherboard controlled and rgb controller controlled items? Thanks for you help
  2. Good day. Today I made myself a new light effect on my Riing Trio and noticed a problem: one of the 3 fans does not have time to render the effect at extreme speed (hey work fine at fast and lower speeds). If at the moment the application and the connected controller work, the fan is rearranged to another connection port (from 3 to 4 or 5), then the problem goes away. But it is worth restarting the application or reconnecting usb to the controller - the problem returns already on another connection port (4 or 5). And again, when switching the fan, the problem goes away until the controller is disconnected from the application. TT RGB Plus Software Version 1.3.4. How can this be fixed? VID_20200430_163210.mp4
  3. Am I missing something here? Seems logical TT would make RGB products that would sync. If not inherently perhaps a mod to connect the power supply led to the water ring?
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