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Found 3 results

  1. i bought a SAPHIRA OPTICAL GAMING MICE, connected to pc, installed drivers etc. everything is ok, but today i noticed a bug on my wheel. its like while im using wheelup 2-3 times its going down, if i use down its going up. i have warranty,invoice etc. but idk its a bug,problem or something like this, or its a feature for game how can i fix it ? or can i change my mouse with new one ?
  2. I bought my Saphira 3 months ago. It's really greate mouse with epic sensor and switches, but i have one problem. In some positions scroll feels loose. It's not totally loose, it's like half milimetr space that scroll can move to left and up, so in fast movement it wiggle, do some noise and you can acutally feel it when you move mouse mid-air. On other steps scroll is rock solid and you don't feel any loose on it when move mid air. The steps don't change it always wiggle on certain spots, so i can scroll forward 3 steps from good position, it will go wiggle, and then go back 3 steps and it stops doing it. I think it's not enough to send it on guarantee, but is there any tip how to make it less distracting? And is it sign of future scroll problems like in some first faulty saphiras or is it normal and I just should get used to it? Video about the problem: Sorry for englisherino ;]
  3. I have owned my SAPHIRA for about 2 years and love it to death. It is by far the most comfortable mouse I've used and I love the simple design. For the past year or so, the scroll wheel has been acting up. When scrolling down there are no issues but when I attempt to scroll up the pattern is jumpy and very buggy. As an example, if i am scrolling up on a web page, the page scrolls for 2-3 ticks then shoots back down instantly about twice the distance I just scrolled up. This results in a page actually moving down when I try to scroll up. I'm not sure if this is a known issue but a friend of mine had the same issue with his SAPHIRA last year. Other than this issue the mouse is in prime condition and I don't want to have to buy a new one just to get the scroll wheel to work. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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