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Found 4 results

  1. Boddaker

    The Rose

    Hey guys, it's time for another case mod project! This will be for my daughter this time (if you recall I did a Minecraft R2-D2 mod last year for my son). I'll be using the Suppressor F51 for this build, as it lends itself well to the sleak and elegant design my daughter and I came up with. She wanted a pink rose themed build, so I will have a beautiful rose-shaped reservoir in the front, and all the hardware will be openly displayed on a custom one-piece angular chassis insert. All plumbing will be hidden behind the insert, except for an elegant curved water channel that spans over the motherboard to the GPU... Here's a breakdown of hardware I'll be using in this build: EVGA X99 microATX motherboard EVGA GTX 970 with EK block EVGA 550w Supernova GS PSU and X10 Carbon mouse Crucial 250Gb SSD, and 16Gb DDR4 Ballistix memory kit EK Supremacy Evo CPU block EK D5 Pump top and chrome cover EK 280mm Coolstream Radiator EK 45º and 90º elbow fittings Primochill Revolver fittings & fluid Huge thanks to Primochill, EVGA, Crucial, EK, and of course Thermaltake for their continued support! So let's get to some actual modding shall we? Seems lately I can't help but to hack into a case first thing. So after stripping it down to the frame, I taped off the area that will be cut away to make room for the new one-piece insert... I made a cardboard template to see how the pieces will fit together. Only three pieces make up the entire insert: Back piece, angled center piece, and front piece. After some initial attempts at bending the center piece myself, I realized I wasn't going to be able to produce the results I was looking for, so I sucked up my pride and brought the cardboard template down to the local metal fab shop and had them weld it up for me. They did a nice job bending and tack-welding the pieces together. I can now go in with the bondo and smooth out the panels and fill in the corners. I'm hoping to have this case done for PDXLAN 28 in July, my daughter's first lan. Stay tuned!
  2. I bought a new TT Suppresor F1 case and connected everything correctly to a x570 board. Everything is working as expected, the power, reset buttons are working and audio jacks. Just one USB port is not working as expected. Are there any replacement parts? I bought the case recently from Amazon.
  3. Hi ^^ I saw another Thread to this topic, but since that guy overuses like 10 fans it doesnt fit for me Its my first (really completely) selfbuilt system. Ive got a suppressor f51 case and bought two more fans 2xSilentWings 140mm pwr But before I place the question, the case inside: I place the HDD, and SSD at the back of the case. I already removed both 2x3 HDD holders Nothing more special: 1xblueray writer, 1xgraphicard, 1xpowersupply, 1x16cm cpu cooler I'm not sure if its soooo important, but different cpu/cards generates different heat I name them here: Cpu Skylake i7-6700k (Ive read its not producing as much heat as cpu normally does) and msi gtx 980 (not sure about that one) Now the question, since Im new to this: The placement of the two additional fans? I googeled but I'm still not sure....and you big and strong guys surely have experience in this. At the moment Im thinking of placing one at the top blowing air outside at the same time im not sure if I shall place it closest to the rear fan or the 2nd closest and the other fan... Mhh also at the top?...At the bottom (taking air inside)?...At he front (taking air inside; im not sure if this fits above the preinstalled 200mm ^^')?... Ive read about negative and positive airflow and it says like negative is better cooling but more dust, positive airflow is better for passive cooled graphiccards. So I would choose the negative one, since my card has two spinning fans, I think that means its active cooling and the suppressor f51 has dust filters all over the everything. yeah, a girl needs help here ^^ thanks for all coming suggestions
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought a Suppressor F51 this week and I'm tweaking with the fan configurations. I was curious if anyone else has toyed around with this case and if anyone had any tips. Here is my general set up... Bottom: 2x 120 mm Corsair SP 120 (intake) Front: Suppressor stock 200 mm (intake) Back: Cool Master CPU radiator + 2x 120 mm fans (intake) Top: Suppressor stock 140 mm (exhaust) I'm waiting on three more 140 mm fans, two for the top as exhaust and one on the side as intake. My overall goal is to push hot air up through the top and draw cool air in from the front, bottom, and back across my radiator and system. Haven't done a lot of toying with case fan configurations, so would love any advice. Thanks, Chris
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