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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm the proudly owner of Ventus R and Ventus Z, great mice you make a fantastic job tT! QUESTION: How to Erase/Retrieve On-Board Memory VENTUS R / Z? I install Tt Command Center software on my laptop, setting some macros on my Ventus R and Z, and save it on the onboard memory of the mice. I know a copy of the macros are save on the hard disk of my laptop at the Command Center directory. Then I format my laptop, reinstall the Tt Command Center, but now I can't retrieve the macros I have saved in the mice onboard memory. I'm sure those are saved, active, and working in the mouse onboard memory but I can't retrieve it for editing or adjusting. I would like to know if there is a way of retrieve macros from the mice onboard memory or wiped out / erased to release space. Thanks
  2. I got a ventus Z gaming mouse today and I'm wanting to download the exact software for it but I can't find it at all on the website. I saw the actual mouse but there's no option to download the software from it. Can someone please help/assist?
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