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Found 5 results

  1. OR where can I purchase a Thermaltake Toughpower GF ATX 12V PSU 4+4 Cable or even a Thermaltake cables kit[reputed seller if not thermaltakeuk] /// Hello I am desperately trying to buy an ATX 12V 4+4 cable, a thermaltake one for an 850W Toughpower GF Series Power Supply. You know the 4+4 cables with writing of function on head. Failing that I would be more than happy buying a thermaltake power cables kit,the sleeves, so a full cables kit so a choice of two, 1st a lot cheaper and why I contacted and second because it would improve appearance of my pc, so no harm in that. My PC is down with a cable missing and I need to get it back up, actually missing from PC, it's not a euphemism and very, very recently. I have seen they have a shop on their thermaltake UK website but there are not prices or buy this buttons; if I need to update my phone or do something with regards it can someone please advise. I have seen they supply names of reputed stockists on their website via tab. Ebuyer, Overclockers, CCL, Novatech, maybe others but they don't appear to have THERMALTAKE standalone cables OR the thermaltake cables and sleeves kits. This learned AFTER I had tried contacting thermaltake about the one cable and received no reply, i then started going through ALL their website tabs. Reason they don't just call their 'products' listing a shop and didn't think it was and definitely thought it wasn't when I saw no prices, and ALSO had just seen in browser online, not in a shop, but a general search listing which doesnt actually take you to what the frontend shows] by thermaltake 2 lots of sleeve+ cable kits listed for £35 and £80 respectively but no lone 4+4 Thermaltake 12V PSU ATX Cable[several searches were entered] when I had got no reply on the lone power cable and went back and said I'd be happy to buy that [it has the cable I need aswell as looking nice]. It wasnt said unhappily, it was said Ive just seen in a browser search about the sleeves, looking up thermaltake cables or similar. I getting frustrated tried a lot of search entries for the Thermaltake lone cable. I honestly would like just the 12V ATX 4+4 Cable with function name, made by Thermaltake but am more than happy to buy the Sleeves and Cables from either THEM or a reputed seller, as I dont want to risk my PC. Ive tried contact with them twice, first on cable, no reply, second on either cable OR "lone cable+cables+sleeve kit", i havent received a reply yet, and I said ITS IMPORTANT so they arent answering. Can someone please tell me how I can get Thermaltake to reply, thats the preference OR secondly supply a link to a reputed seller's item specifically[not just their website, the actual item] where I can get a [COMPATIBLE with a Thermaltake GF 850W power supply] 12V ATX 4+4 Cable, I really DID want the exact same function written at top ones, and as said in message to them was happy to buy a few but now I will just take something by a reputed seller by thermaltake firstly or a reputed manufacturer secondly if guaranteed for compatability. I, sorry to say this would still like Thermaltake to reply as if my PC blows up I am not going to be happy. I really, really need to get my PC up and running, something important needs starting yet cant. A few nighters because a radeon graphics card getting installed and specifically associated amd software giving me a black screen and the graphics card not removing so easily has somehow caused my ATX 12V 4+4 cable to go missing [i worked on my pc solely in a small area, taking nothing away from that area], this about exact reason for needing the cable wasn't said in contact with Thermaltake, [no reply back], but it has. You might on happy side think pranks but I need a replacement cable and first choice I'd like a matching one or a few if possible, second the kit but happy for linkage on either. ALL OF THIS WROTE VERY LATE HOURS OF TUESDAY 16TH JANUARY 2024
  2. I am in dire need of both cables for the black level 10 M headset, both cables or even just the one for my pc, i do not see anywhere that i can purchase these separately. Please if a link could be provided it would be greatly appreciated
  3. i have modular psu thermaltake toughpower rgb 850w and i lost my CPU cable 4+4 12v my question is if i bought an EPS12v 4+4 cable from amazon is it going to work without anyproblems or does it only support original cable that came with it please help me this is the cable that im thinking of as replacement https://www.amazon.co.jp/AINEX-PX-011A-EPS12V%E7%94%A8%E9%9B%BB%E6%BA%90%E5%BB%B6%E9%95%B7%E3%82%B1%E3%83%BC%E3%83%96%E3%83%AB-45cm/dp/B00YH4C5KS/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=ATX12V&qid=1591315795&s=computers&sr=1-13
  4. Bought the PSU off a friend but they didn't have all the PCI-E 6+2 cables. I'd happily buy the sleeved ones off the Thermaltake site but the compatibility matrix says the ones available aren't compatible with the 1200w Grand, only the 850 and lower. Is there something I'm missing or somewhere else I could find these?
  5. Hi there! Does anyone know if these cables, the individually Sleeved 6+2Pin PCI-E Cable & SATA Cable, are compatible with more than just the PSUs they mention in the list. I have a Thermaltake Thoughpower Grand 80 Gold 1200 W Semi-modular (last model), Haswell compliant and I want to move away from the ugly cables that come with it. Please if anyone knows share it with me. Thanks!
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