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Store bought PCs

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After building, the only PC I will buy at retail is going to be the Microsoft Surface (something I can't build myself).  IMO, once you know how to build, or are an enthusiast, there are no benefits in retail tower PC's.

hmm that's kind of what i thought. until the day you can make your own surface set up right.? ;)

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until the day you can make your own surface set up right.? ;)

Probably could now using raspberry Pi and some hellishly overpriced parts for screens etc.  I think that is one area where manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, and Microsoft will keep a stranglehold on, that's a moneymaker for them so they'll keep things very proprietary.


Plus there isn't too much excitement in building a tablet / phone type device.  Not too much you can do with fans, lights, customizations, you imagine a liquid cooled tablet running off a battery? LOL

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Well the only store PC i would buy is a laptop, well i guess its not really a PC

But honestly if i was loaded and had money growing from a tree in the back yard i would be happy to pay twice the price for the same specs on a pre-built PC.

but until money grows on trees i think i will buy my own hardware and put it together myself :)

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