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Neptune Elite RGB Firmware Broken


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Yes, i'm having exactly the same problem. I've sent a message to support.....


I have a Neptune Elite RGB keyboard on a PC using windows 10. All Windows updates are auto installed.

Yesterday I opened the Tt eSPORTS Software and saw there was an update. I updated as per the instructions and since then my keyboard hasn't worked. There are no lights and typing doesn't work. There is power to the USB port on the keyboard because my Neros Optical RGB mouse works.

I have tried:
- Uninstalling the software and re-installing
- Re-booting the PC
- Using different USB ports
- Checking the forum. One other user has the same problem yesterday. One entry from 2018 gives a link to Dropbox for firmware but the link no longer works

I'm currently using the Windows on-screen keyboard. Please Help.

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