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Riing Plus 12 RGB - Multiple Controller Issue


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Firstly, let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Thermaltake products. I have just completed building a brand new 2020 spec gaming rig.


Components are shown below:


I am unfortunately experiencing the same issue described by Lajota - https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/64879-riing-plus-6-fans-setup/&_fromLogin=1 , in that I am attempting to connect two controllers, having configured the DIP switches for both 1/2.


It does not seem to matter what configuration I use to connect these two controllers, they both are only shown as controller 1 when I launch TT RGB PLUS - No controller 2 is shown, though both devices will work in position 1. I was able to configure all the fans eventually by using one controller at a time, however the configuration is lost on re-boot, for the fans connected to which ever controller is not being recognised in position 2. 

I have tried a number of connections options including the MB USB 2.0 with the Y cable provided, Internal USB Hub, MB Rear USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1, and the USB 3.0 Hub included in the case. All give me the same effect, one active controller in position 1.  

I am looking for some clarity on what hardware conflicts or software might be causing this issue to occur.


Plz, send help, 


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After some research and guess work, motherboard compatability does seem to be a common theme for Gigabyte products. In the end, for me it was as simple as disable/re-enable the Generic USB Hub in device manager > Reboot > Both controllers now recognized within the App. All fans now auto configure on boot. 




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saber si después de haber conectado las dos controladoras, y en la segunda controladora enchufada con el cable puente a la primera y establecer el DIP 2 en la segunda controladora, ¿tienes que enchufar el cable de corriente a la fuente de alimentación en la segunda controladora, o ya con que este enchufado en la primera controladora vale para las dos..

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