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View 71 ARGB - ASUS Prime Z370-A II - Aura Fan Connection


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I couldn't seem to find exactly what I needed by searching the forums so I thought I'd post this.

My problem is simple, but I can't find a solution. I just swapped my parts into my View 71 ARGB that I purchased a few days ago. Absolutely everything is connected fine and it looks amazing. The three TT fans that were already attached are spinning and doing their Rainbow pattern. The trouble is I can't figure out how to connect the RGB cable so I can control their color and pattern with Aura.

I have an ASUS Prime Z370-A II MOBO. The TT directions for the View 71 tell me to use the +5V, 3-1 PIN Cable to attach it to the RGB controller. The problem is the Aura RGB strip header is a 4 PIN and is labeled as 12V, G, R, B. There is no included cable or adapter that fits this pattern nor anything describing the different labeling for ASUS in the instructions. I looked for another place to connect the cable that TT suggests and for the life of me cannot find anywhere that fits the pattern and schema.

Should I have a different cable with a different PIN pattern to connect my MOBO to the Fan controller? Am I just completely missing where to connect the cable I do have (+5V, 3-1 PIN) to somewhere on the ASUS board?

I bought this hoping I could match all my colors with my GPU, Cooler, MOBO, etc.. Thanks for any help in advance!

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Thanks for the quick response Todd! I was starting to realize that the more I looked at it.

If I wanted to control the case lighting without Aura, can I do that using TT RGB Plus? I can't seem to use that either. When I open the program, it gives me the 'Fan Controller Not Found Error: H_0x000.1.'

I did find there were some companies that made converter boxes that are SATA powered. Any idea if these work? https://www.amazon.com/DEEP-COOL-Convertor-Motherboard-Non-Compatible/dp/B07QPYSC82/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=FF2WTP12NNWDC7J67QCY

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Well, tried out that DEEP COOL converter. The box itself is powered on (has an LED indicator) and is connected to the fan controller (5V) and my MOBO (12V), but I still do not have RGB controller in Aura or TT RGB Plus.


Quick question, is the controller end of the plus supposed to go into the slot that says MB In or LED Out? I assumed MB In because that would mean the MB is sending a signal to the controller to change the fans.


Also, you said that you can use the "Case Control," what do you mean by that? I noticed mentions somewhere about a reset button and a cycle button on the chassis itself for the RGB, but I've looked everywhere on the case and there is absolutely nothing like that on the View 71. Am I missing something?

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Case control was an assumption on my part. I assumed it had it but it doesn't appear to from what I can see looking at pics. Mine did and it worked although it wouldn't work with my MOBO. I ended up buying two fans to replace my front ones and now its all controlled by the MOBO. As far as how to hook that up I don't know, I've never used one. I run only ARGB and use a distribution box. The box has an input from the motherboard and 11 "outs" to lights. It also has a SATA power connection I assume to help power devices as you can't put a ton of stuff on the 5V ARGB line. I would contact DEEP COOL and see what they say. Good Luck!

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