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Water 3.o Extreme missing parts.


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Sorry of the delay, can you post a picture of the Y cable so I can compare?


I see you are outside of the USA, send me a PM with some more details/photos and I can help you get in contact with someone for an RMA if needed. 


I will pull the adapter tomorrow from our warehouse and take a look to help out.

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Got you an answer!


With the Water 3.0 Y-adapters, you will see only (1) split connection will have the (4-pin) while the rest will have only (3). This is correct.


When you connect a splitter to the motherboard header, for the PWM function to work properly, you just need to consider how it will work.


4-pin fan (Master)

3-pin fan (Slave)


Where the Master will adjust based on the temp to increase the fan speed when needed, the Slave will just "mimic" what the Master is doing.


I can see what you mean as it does look like a pin is missing, but it is perfectly fine.


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