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Two 480 Rads in Stacked Core X2?


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Has anyone figured out a way to mount two 480mm rads vertically in the front of two stacked core x2 cases?

I have two PE 480s andd this got me thinking of how to squeeze them into stacked X2 cases. Judging from them measurements I saw posed it looks impossible to put them both up top horizontal so the front is probably the only option. It looks like there is enough room left to right but since I dont have them in from of me its hard to tell. Would probably have to use to supplied top brackets to make it work.


I posted the above question in the Core X Series thread also, but thought it would get more exposure here.


So, any ideas?

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Is there anything to inhibit a 480 rad to be mounted vertically in stacked X2 cases using side bracket in the upper case and the side bracket in the lower case? Or the supplied brackets that are used to mount 120mm fans/radiators horizontal on the side and extending down into the lower case? As long as the rad can contact those brackets in each case a way can be found to attach them. Obviously one case would be empty and the other with motherboard (probably the top one) and whatnots.


Anyone have these stacked and can verify this?


Or better yet a TT engineer to confirm the clearance between the two cases to mount a 480 rad in this way.


Thanks in advance!

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You have about 257mm between the mid rails. So if you had skinny rads you could put two up front. Mine however are 130mm each so I'd have to notch out those rails and enlarge the access hole in the bottom of the case.. Which I didnt want to do.


Also, surprisingly nobody mentioned and I didn't notice that the bottom cover is riveted. So if you wanted to mount rads down the side like I previously mentioned you'd have to cut out the bottom. Didnt want to do that either.


The current plan is just to use my two 240s and one 480 instead of hacking up the case.

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