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Core v71

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Welcome to the Tt Community!


The Core V71 has several options for Fans in 12/14/20cm sizes.


To make this easy, please reference here:



- On the page is full diagrams for both AIR and H2O cooling options.

- At the bottom is a comparison Chart to show options across Core V Family Series.



For Fan installation:


Case: Use Corse thread screws (Included with Fan pre-installed or with Fan purchased separately)

Radiator: Use M3 screw with appropriate length (Screws normally included with Radiator or Fan purchased separately)


Let us know if you have any questions!




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Thank you for your answer,

my problem is that the bottom of the box has not made holes with screw profile, there are holes, but not subject to the box, then the screw stays "crazy"

The fans are older than I had at home
My difficulty may come from the type of fan?


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You can mount 2x 12cm fans on the bottom.


The holes on the bottom should fit for 12cm fan, just need to find right place. 


Depending on the fan, you will need screws (Most fans include screws) to use to mount them. 


Link us to the fan you are using, it will help.


You have the screws?

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