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Meka G-Unit software questions


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So, I recently got a Tt eSports Meka G-Unit with Cherry MX Red switches, the product is really cool (though I'm still unknowleadgeable about how to use the software properly) and works properly, but I have a few questions about it...


So, first one: Can I buy replacement parts for it in Brazil, more especifically in Distrito Federal - Brasília? What about support in general?


Second one: Can I sign one of my extra keys to "?", because the keyboard doesn't come with my language setup and I was just thinking if it was possible for me to sign one of the extra keys to do: "?" when I press it. Just a question, I know there are other ways of doing it like Alt Gr + W...


Third one: Is there any guide on this software? Like, what I can and what I can't do, how to do stuff...


Fourth: For how long did your Meka G-Unit with Cherry MX Red switches lasted in case you have it and you're reading this?


Anyway, product is super cool, love the switches, and thanks for now :)

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