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Infinate Loop Macro

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Guest Tt Josh

I recently bought a Challenger Prime keyboard and I was wondering if there was a way to set up a macro to loop indefinitely until I press the key again instead of the maximum loop time of 255. 

Hey DarkKnight4251, 


Unfortunately, we're currently unable to set a macro to loop infinitely, we're only able to do it by times. :)

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Guest Tt Josh

Thanks for the reply! Is there any plans to add this in the future?

Hey DarkKnight4251, this feature can surely be added in the future. I will send the suggestion to out PM team, so they will make a note for this ;)

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Guest Tt Josh

I haven't even gotten to the problem of not having an infinite loop macro. I just need some help on how to even set a macro in the first place. I have no idea!

Hey ThatCooBird, did you install the software for the keyboard? you will need to have the keyboard the macro setting.

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I have a Challenger Prime keyboard. First day, i did set 4 macros and 1 of them was set in infinite mode. Later, i couldnt duplicate this. I know there is a way, and i test many but without any luck. 

If keyboards cant do infinite loop, what is the green button for? I watched for a macros manual and didnt found. Does it exist?

TY, bros

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