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USB 3.1


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Is Thermaltake thinking of making a 3.1 USB Docking station?

I hope they make them better than they made the Duet 3.0 USB because I wanted one but after seeing and hearing all the internet nightmares I decided not to get one. I have had 3 (14u) USB 2.0 units for several years now and 1 is a duet USB/eSATA that I clone drives with and it has always done well but still had connection issues.

I am a Thermaltake fan and all companies have their issues - the differance is the companies that ACT FAST to solve the problems and get them cleared up fast ...


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I am glad you brought this up and sorry for the delay with my reply.


The connection issues have been reviewed and addressed with the newer models and we continue to work with our customers that have issues with their product to find a solution. Take into consideration there are multiple chipsets versions available for all the motherboards that have been released and some may experience issues where others may not.


We are moving forward with a new model that is USB 3.0 only (No eSATA) that will be launching at Best Buy in the next couple of weeks here in the USA.


This model is not on our website yet.


We have been looking at USB 3.1 for multiple applications for a while now, once we have more information we will have it available on our website.


I hope this information helps you, I have final versions here in the office I can try to help with everyone's questions they have.

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I don't see the point to any enclosure going to USB3.1 until someone gets off their #### and updates SATA to SATA-4 which then will "hopefully" go well beyond the 10Mbps bandwidth of USB3.1 whereas SATA-3 is still well below the USB3.1 speeds.

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