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Thermaltake eSports Shock 3D 7.1 review


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so, Courtesy of Thermaltake eSports ANZ, i won a pair of Shock 3D 7.1's at the first Master Modders Seminar in Melbourne last week.

here is a little write up for anyone thinking about it :)


so, ive been using the Thermaltake Technology Inc Shock 3D 7.1 headset for about a week now, so i thought i would share my thoughts.

Overall, i dont have alot of bad things to say. the headphones feel solid, ive worn them through a 6hr gaming binge, without feeling any tiredness, or feeling like they were crushing my head.

There is this little nifty feature where the outside of the cup has a glowing red dragon (the Thermaltake eSports logo) flashes to the beat of any music. while i like it, i feel its a little redundant, since you never actually see it.

As for the sound quality, the surround reproduction is some of the best ive heard, and this is after switching from without a doubt, one of the best virtual surround headsets, in the Plantronics Gaming Gamecom 780/788

Playing Fallout: New Vegas, GTAV and even MW2, i always knew exactly where the sound was coming from. it was flawless.

as for the mic, ive been told i come through crystal clear, as though im speaking on a landline phone. that can only be good.

It also has this nifty feature where pushing the boom up will auto-mute the mic. this is also another incredibly handy feature.

You have 3 controls on the left ear cup. a volume dial, which works as intended, an Equalizer button, and a "3D 7.1" button. the equalizer cycles through 4 presets, and works well, however i never noticed a difference with the 3D 7.1 button.

Then there is the software. to be honest, this was the biggest letdown for me.

Again, the preset equalizer settings seem to work, but thats it. the gaming presets (mmo/fps etc) seem to make no difference, manual EQ settings dont hold, and the bass/3D surround settings dont seem to work.

That being said, if i was to score the headphones out of ten, i think i would rate them 8.5/10 simply because of the software. if that was better, it would be a 9.5/10

In summary, i would highly recommend the headphones for anyone in the market for 7.1 surround headsets.

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Guest Tt Josh

Hey Frank! Glad to love the headset so much! As for the cons, you will need to ensure that you enable the 3D surround from the software, and still need to depends on the audio whether it has a 3D effects or not in order for us to feel the difference ;)


As for the flashing beats, yea we can't see it by ourselves, but, we can indirectly show off to our friends! lol


Hope you still like the headset!


and congratulations on winning! ;)

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hey Josh, i just tried PM'ing you, but it says you cant accept new messages :(

also, its f-r-3-3-k, not frank. my real name is Drew  :lol:  :lol:  :lol: 

any chance you can drop me a line regarding the software? i dont really want all the comments people see, being about the software, and having that skew their choice when it comes to the headphones. :)

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