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Powder the iPredator - All-in-one-custom-loop


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Hi folks! 

I'm new on the forums here but I figured I'd show of my latest project. This is my second real mod, my last mod Allspark was a lot of fun and I won 3rd place in Dreamhacks casemod championship which really gave me a taste for modding. Right now I have two more projects going on but as I said, here's my latest that I finished last month. 

Shoutout to @Egxi who has been an awesome teacher in terms of how to make a custom-loop and have been teaching me how to bend copper-pipes! Thank you SO much your guidance has been invaluable! (And for doing that insane bend behind the monitorstand for me, would never have pulled that one off!)

Just a month after finishing the build I got my hands on the MSI MEG Z490-I Unify! The most beautiful motherboard I've had! This called for an upgrade with pristine hardware and it needed to be something with enough umph to test out the OCing capabilities with the Unify series that MSI claims to be great for an mITX board. Thus I got myself a i9 10900K and a pair of high clocked Samsung B-die memory sticks! Here's the results, both in terms of looks and a timespy benchmark. 

PS: The "blue-looking" LEDs are actually white, damned camera! :D

CPU: Intel I9 10900k at 5,1Ghz All-core AMD Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.4Ghz
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 3600Mhz CL 16 B-die at 4000Mhz CL 14 G.SKILL Flare X 3200Mhz CL 14 (B-die)
GPU: NVIDIA Palit RTX 2080ti ProGaming OC @ 2130Mhz
MOBO: MSI MEG Z490-i Unify ASUS B450-I Strix Gaming
M2: Samsung 960 EVO 500Gb x2
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 256Gb
PSU: Corsair SF750 Platinum CORSAIR SF600 Gold
Cables: CableMods Sleeved Black/White Pro
Waterblock CPU: Thermaltake Pacific W5
Waterblock GPU: EK Water Blocks Vector RTX TI Copper
Radiators: EK Water Blocks Coolstream PE 240mm x2
Reservoar: Phobya Nickel 150mm
Fittings: Bykski
LED: ASUS Terminal and LED-strips
Monitor: Acer Predator X34P

Build log can be found here: https://builds.gg/bhbmods 20200421_211156.thumb.jpg.16c384349d92779e8cb00bdb2187e48d.jpg20200421_211144.thumb.jpg.fb5a6575a6aca19d69a36a2497fba741.jpg20200421_210124.thumb.jpg.54b2141224333e1b615491b60a8e17e5.jpg20200421_212151.thumb.jpg.dc6335b66d9d5ebc23fcfc462ef07353.jpg20200420_082312.thumb.jpg.16d2f28fb7c4470ffc612a67fab57f2c.jpg20200420_082332.thumb.jpg.3cdde3b98339dfd5712d1f8c3e2d088c.jpg20200421_205906.thumb.jpg.eaa4f5762734676758b21ffc202c19b4.jpg20200421_205920.thumb.jpg.ad34be672f2e2086ab4fb8d339976f32.jpg20200421_205945.thumb.jpg.6439f45a7fd480b37d303916405de7c8.jpg20200421_210012.thumb.jpg.264c2dba1b8b46e90d3f23ca58effcb8.jpg20200421_205933.thumb.jpg.e1f17e1566c9eb34c399bbac189f9199.jpg20200421_205617.thumb.jpg.e79f8da907ea9b5bc46f69d0b9a05b74.jpg20200421_205602.thumb.jpg.d493ae57d113910adbfcffb96f960a88.jpg20200421_205657.thumb.jpg.6cf2eeb6c28e7be896389fcf2720a6ca.jpg








Edited by Deriveh
Updated after upgrade to 10900K and MSI Z490 Unify
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