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Riing Plus 12 TT RGB Premium PWM edtion - need help with PWM!

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Hi i just bought a 5-pack yesterday as i need 4 fans for my case and i just realised after combing through the net that the TT RGB software has a pre-set PWM fan curve and reads my CPU temp from Wininfo32.dll.

The issue is i live in a 24/7 summer temps very humid climate country where mid-day temps average 32 deg celsius and so i need the flexibility to set my own fan curve for PWM. what i want to achieve is to have the case fans run at higher rpms when idling (like 800-1000rpm) instead of the 500-600rpm based on the TT software. i know i cannot do this through the PWM option in the software so the only way to do this is through the mobo fan curve.

My question is, can i plug all the 4 Riing 12 PWM fans into a generic fan hub, which then connects to the PWM header on my motherboard, so that i can do the custom fan curve and have all 4 fans scale according to the customized curve? i dont mind foregoing the RGB control. i have an Asrock Z370m itx AC.


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If you don't mind foregoing the rgb control you can always get a tt sync controller. If your mobo does have a 5v digital rgb header then you can still use the lighting just it will be controlled by your motherboard. 

The TT Sync controller allows you to hook 9 riing fans to it. The 9 fans are split in to 3 sets of 3. Each of those sets that are controlled by its own pwm connector that you can control via your motherboard. 



Now there are other ways but that all up to if you like to mod and make cables.

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