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Floe DX 240 Dual Riing and Asus Aura Synch

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I just purchased a flow dx 240 dual riing for my asus rog strix x570-e gaming along with my  tt view 37..  after a few days of intense research and work arounds i figured how to get the mobo to recognize and control the case fans with the case controller... nice job asus putting your customers to work to figure out your problems....

now heres my next one i just cant figure out...   my floe dx 240 comes with a tt controller as part of the package and as per the absolute nearly non existant instructions i installed the unit and  its working but i dont see any way of getting my mobo to detect/control the lighting on the unit. 

I am asking the TT community and TT tech support ( laugh ) to help me with this one. 

the only alternative I see is to have to purchase yet another TT controller the tt sync controller however I have three concerns on having to do this.
1. why should I have to purchase yet another controller when the cooler is advertised as working with all mobo brands unique softwares…
2. If I purchase it do disregard the one that came with my cooler and just connect the pump and two fans to the new controller?
3. I already have the only 5v aura sync connecter on my board used up by the view 37 case controller how would I be able to connect the 5v line to the tt sync? can I chain off the same mobo connector?

surprise 4th concern.... why is TT so bad with providing clear and detailed instructions?

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