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I'm Totally Confused Connecting It All


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Hi Guys,

Ok, I've just about completed a new PC Build.

I purchased 6 boxes of the Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 TT Premium fans.
I intend to use 18 of these fans, in a double configuration ie Push-Pull, 6 in front, 6 in the side, 6 on top and 1 in the rear.
I intend to use 4 of the included fan controllers, (2 with 5 fans and 2 with 4 fans).
I will daisy chain the 4 controllers.

This will be a custom water loop setup, with two radiators, pump/res combo, cpu and gpu waterblocks.

1. Does each controller, have to have it's own power source ie Molex Connector, or can the daisy chain, just use shared power connected, to say No 1 controller?
2. How are these daisy chained controllers, then connected to the Motherboard, do i have to use multiple headers, splitter cables, or a USB headers?
3. I have retained one 140mm Thermaltake TT-1425, that came with the Thermaltake View 71 case, as a rear exhaust fan, it has a 6 pin connector, where does that plug in?

I possibly, may have to change the rear fan, to a Riing 140mm, to sync with all the other fans!!

I'm o'k on the manual side of the build, but the Technical side, especially all the connections, confuses me.

Sorry, for all the questions, but I wanted my computer, to really shine with all the fans (overkill I know) , but now I have boxed myself into a corner and I am totally confused, how to connect it all up, there isn't a guide on connecting 18 fans to controllers and then to theĀ motherboard, which is a Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master by the way.

Any expert help would be greatly appreciated, please explain in simple terms, that a monkey could understand.

Thank You

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