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Hey There good people of the internet! Firstly I just want to thank Thermaltake for having me onboard for another awesome event and I appreciate being here along side amazing friends and talent!

I believe this particular event is going to be a hard one for my particular style of modding, I by no means consider myself to be a great air brush artist but I will do my best and enjoy seeing how others work to try and improve myself!

Firstly I just wanted to share a few photos I took of the RAM before I start doing any modding to them. I hope you all enjoy the progress and I encourage everyone to check out the other modders work, they all have exceptional skills!











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Time to PRIME!

We will be doing two different styles of Cyberpunk Ram sticks, one will be the usual yellow and the other will be the purples and blues you see throughout cyberpunk art and the game.

First things first we cleaned the surfaces and primed the RAM Heat spreaders.



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