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  1. Air brushing time! I am not the best air brusher out there but I love giving new things a try!
  2. I designed a cyberpunk art piece in adobe illustrator to cut out some vinyl to act as a stencil when I air brush.
  3. After wet sanding the primer it was time to paint! The first Cyberpunk stick will be yellow and the second will be purple and blue. We plan on doing some air brushing and vinyl work after the paint cures.
  4. Time to PRIME! We will be doing two different styles of Cyberpunk Ram sticks, one will be the usual yellow and the other will be the purples and blues you see throughout cyberpunk art and the game. First things first we cleaned the surfaces and primed the RAM Heat spreaders.
  5. We have decided on a Cyberpunk themed design and wanted to do two separate designs on the two Ram Sticks. In order to paint these I grabbed the heat gun to heat up the heat spreaders so that it was easier to remove them.
  6. Hey There good people of the internet! Firstly I just want to thank Thermaltake for having me onboard for another awesome event and I appreciate being here along side amazing friends and talent! I believe this particular event is going to be a hard one for my particular style of modding, I by no means consider myself to be a great air brush artist but I will do my best and enjoy seeing how others work to try and improve myself! Firstly I just wanted to share a few photos I took of the RAM before I start doing any modding to them. I hope you all enjoy the progress and I encourage everyone to check out the other modders work, they all have exceptional skills!
  7. LETS GOOO! Appreciate the support guys! Great work everyone on the light shows!
  8. Here is my submission! Really wanted to call it RGB Chunder from Down Under but without knowing everyones humor we called it RGB Wonder From Down Under! Hope you all enjoy!
  9. G'day everyone, got around to playing with the Neonmaker Software and there is so much customization options! Here is a picture of the stock RGB mode, looks so nice with 4 LED Rings!
  10. thank you my friend! There is a few minor bugs being fixed but so far it is working for me
  11. G'day everyone, My name is Corey, PC Builder/Modder/Youtuber from Australia and i go by the name Designs By IFR. Sorry i have not posted sooner but we are here now! Firstly id like to thank Thermaltake for giving us all the opportunity to be in the Neon Lightmaker lighting mix show. The fans arrived and look impressive! i cannot wait to try them. I encourage the community to get involved as well by downloading the Neon Maker software from thermaltakes website (would love to see what everyone comes up with!) Any way, goodluck to all participants, cannot wait to see some awesome Lighting effects! and lets put on a show!
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