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Anyone have solar panel system on their roof?


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I am not sure if this is the right website to ask this but has anyone here bought solar panel system? My aunt is interested in installing solar panels in California with a loan and asked my opinion, so I want to gather information on this forum. Is solar panel system actually good investment or not? What are some useful recommendations for buying solar panel? What are the dos and donts? Any useful information about the solar panel system expenses and where to lease or purchase? 🧐
I'd very appreciate any good advice on the case that I might have missed during my solar panels research. Thank you so much!🙏

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I have owned solar panels for several years now. This is a pretty good idea if you pay a lot for electricity. I bought my solar panels on a loan for 15 years here. After paying off the loan, I will get a house that is more expensive than a house without solar panels and 10-20 years of free solar energy. In my case, this is a very good deal!

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